Dakota Johnson’s ‘Madame Web’ Movie Fails To Capture Audience, Flops At Box Office


Despite high hopes, Dakota Johnson’s latest movie, “Madame Web,” has failed to impress at the box office. The film’s disappointing performance during its opening week has raised concerns, with many attributing the lackluster reception to a series of cringey press interviews featuring the actress.

Key Takeaway

Dakota Johnson’s “Madame Web” fails to make a mark at the box office, with lackluster earnings and poor reviews contributing to its underwhelming debut. The actress’s promotional interviews have also come under scrutiny, raising questions about the impact of cast enthusiasm on audience reception.

Box Office Flop

During the six-day holiday weekend, spanning from Valentine’s Day to President’s Day, “Madame Web” only managed to rake in a meager $25.8 million domestically, mirroring its global earnings. This underwhelming debut marks a significant setback for a major superhero production, signaling a lack of audience enthusiasm for the film.

Worst Opening for Sony’s Spider-Man Franchise

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Madame Web” has secured the unenviable title of the worst opening for a Sony movie featuring Spider-Man-related characters. This dismal performance adds to the trend of underperforming superhero movies from both Marvel and DC, highlighting the challenges faced by the genre in captivating audiences.

Critical and Audience Reception

Adding to the film’s woes, “Madame Web” has faced scathing reviews from both critics and audiences. With a mere 13% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes and a lackluster 55% audience score, the movie has failed to meet the lofty expectations typically associated with superhero blockbusters.

Impact of Promotional Tour

While multiple factors may have contributed to the movie’s lack of success, Dakota Johnson’s recent promotional efforts have come under scrutiny. Her interviews, where she admitted to not having seen the movie and made light of the Spider-Man franchise, have left some fans with the impression that she lacked enthusiasm for the project. This, in turn, may have deterred potential moviegoers.


Despite the initial anticipation surrounding “Madame Web,” the movie’s lackluster box office performance and tepid reception underscore the challenges faced by superhero films in resonating with audiences. The impact of promotional activities and the need for genuine enthusiasm from cast members have come to the forefront as crucial elements in the success of such productions.