Dakota Johnson Enjoys Mexico Getaway Despite ‘Madame Web’ Box Office Flop


Dakota Johnson, the actress from the recent superhero movie ‘Madame Web’, seems unfazed by the film’s poor performance at the box office. Instead, she is enjoying a relaxing getaway in Mexico, accompanied by her boyfriend, Chris Martin.

Key Takeaway

Dakota Johnson remains unperturbed by the disappointing box office results of ‘Madame Web’ as she enjoys a tranquil retreat in Mexico with Chris Martin.

Beach Escape

During their beach escapade in Puerto Vallarta, Dakota Johnson was spotted in a white halter neck swimsuit, taking a refreshing dip in the ocean alongside Chris Martin. The couple appeared carefree as they lounged on the sunbed, basking in the serene surroundings.

Unfazed by Flop

Despite the underwhelming reception of ‘Madame Web’, Dakota Johnson seems undisturbed as she continues to unwind in Mexico. Her relaxed demeanor suggests that she is not letting the movie’s performance affect her vacation bliss. Even during the promotional tour, she openly admitted to not watching the film extensively, indicating her nonchalance towards its outcome.

Movie Flop

The movie’s earnings during the six-day holiday weekend, spanning from Valentine’s Day to President’s Day, amounted to a mere $25.8 million domestically and globally. This performance falls significantly short for a major superhero film, marking it as one of the worst openings for a Sony movie featuring Spider-Man-related characters, as reported by The Hollywood Reporter.

Despite the movie’s lackluster reception, Dakota Johnson appears to be embracing the present moment, seemingly unconcerned about the film’s outcome. Her carefree attitude in Mexico reflects her resilience amidst the movie’s underwhelming performance.