Colorado SUV Accident: Five Passengers Crushed In Donut Stunt Gone Wrong


In a shocking incident in Colorado Springs, a group of thrill seekers faced a horrifying accident while attempting a dangerous stunt. The incident, which occurred in the parking lot of The Market, was captured on video and shared on social media, depicting a black SUV speeding backwards and ultimately flipping over, resulting in serious injuries to the passengers.

Key Takeaway

A group’s attempt at a reckless stunt turned tragic, resulting in serious injuries to the passengers. The driver has been arrested, and the victims are receiving medical treatment for their life-threatening injuries.

Disturbing Video Footage

The distressing video footage shows five individuals positioned in the open windows of the SUV as it accelerates in reverse. The vehicle then performs a reckless maneuver, leading to it overturning and tragically crushing the occupants beneath it. Onlookers, who were recording the incident on their cell phones, rushed to the aid of the victims, with several individuals attempting to lift the SUV to free those trapped underneath.

Driver Arrested and Victims’ Condition

Following the harrowing crash, the Colorado Springs Police Department promptly responded to the scene and apprehended the driver, Marisol Wentling, on charges of vehicular assault. While Wentling emerged unscathed, the passengers suffered severe, life-threatening injuries, necessitating urgent medical attention at local hospitals. The current status of the victims remains undisclosed at this time.