Cleveland Browns’ Mike Ford Sends Message To Steelers Fans With Terrible Towel Incident


In a surprising turn of events, Browns cornerback Mike Ford steals the spotlight with a controversial act after Cleveland’s recent triumph against the Steelers. The incident involved Ford wiping his rear end with a Steelers fan’s iconic Terrible Towel, causing a stir amongst football enthusiasts.

Key Takeaway

Browns cornerback Mike Ford sparks controversy by playfully disrespecting a Steelers fan’s Terrible Towel, raising concerns amongst both teams’ fanbases.

The Victory and Ford’s Unusual Celebration

The Browns’ victory over their division rival, the Steelers, was undoubtedly a cause for celebration. With a final score of 13-10, Cleveland improved their season record to 7-3, sending waves of excitement through the team’s passionate fanbase. However, it was in the ensuing moments that Mike Ford decided to add insult to injury.

Spotting an enthusiastic Steelers supporter in the front row, Ford seized the opportunity to engage in a one-on-one interaction. He boldly threw the Terrible Towel to the ground, replacing it with a Browns rag. What transpired next caused quite a stir – Ford shockingly pretended to wipe his backside with the yellow cloth as he sprinted towards the locker room.

The Controversy and Superstitions

The actions of Mike Ford did not sit well with Steelers fans, who view the Terrible Towel as a cherished symbol of their team. Some fans even believe in the Curse of the Terrible Towel, attributing a string of losses to those who disrespect the sacred cloth. This incident has raised concerns for Browns supporters, making them wary of any potential negative repercussions.

A Day of Emotional Moments for the Browns

As emotions ran high during the game, the Dawg Pound experienced a range of sentiments. Amongst the triumph and controversy, one particularly heartwarming moment stood out. Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski honored longtime Cleveland play-by-play announcer Jim Donovan by presenting him with a game ball. This gesture held significant meaning, as Donovan had recently returned to the announcer’s booth after undergoing leukemia treatment earlier in the season. Fittingly, Donovan was behind the mic to call Dustin Hopkins’ game-winning field goal, adding an extra layer of poignancy to the day’s events.