British Airways Pilot Fired For Drug-Fueled Encounter Before Flight


In a shocking turn of events, a British Airways pilot has been fired after admitting to engaging in a wild night of cocaine, alcohol, and sex in Africa. The pilot, Mike Beaton, confessed his indiscretions to a flight attendant friend during a brief period of downtime before his scheduled flight.

Key Takeaway

A British Airways pilot has been fired after admitting to engaging in drug use and sexual activities before attempting to fly. The airline took immediate action to ensure the safety of passengers and staff, highlighting their commitment to prioritizing safety above all else.

A Night of Debauchery

According to text messages obtained by The Sun, Beaton detailed his escapades with a Welsh woman, which included the consumption of cocaine and heavy drinking. He boasted about the encounter, claiming he had been a “very naughty boy.” The pilot’s reckless behavior came to light when he attempted to board his flight back to London the following day.

A Friend’s Betrayal

Fortunately, the flight attendant friend who had been privy to Beaton’s confession alerted the authorities. The airline took swift action, halting Beaton’s departure and subjecting him to drug testing in Johannesburg. Initially failing the test, he was unable to return to the UK as a pilot.

Consequences for Beaton

Once sober, Beaton was sent back to the UK as a regular passenger, while British Airways promptly terminated his employment. The airline emphasized that safety is their top priority and expressed shock at the pilot’s behavior. Beaton’s actions not only cost him his career but also pose potential consequences for his personal life, as he is reportedly married.