Brady Bunch House Sells For $3.2 Million: A TV Icon Finds A New Home


After months of anticipation, the iconic Brady Bunch house has finally been sold, and the new owner is no stranger to the television industry. The North Hollywood property, made famous by the beloved sitcom, has been purchased for a bargain price, marking a significant chapter in its history.

Key Takeaway

The famed Brady Bunch house has been sold to collector Tina Trahan for $3.2 million after HGTV’s initial purchase of $3.5 million. Despite selling for lower than expected, the house remains an iconic piece of pop culture history and will continue to be cherished by its new owner.

A New Owner Steps In

HGTV, represented by Compass real estate agent Danny Brown, has confirmed that the property has sold for a sum of $3.2 million. The new owner, Tina Trahan, a prominent house collector and wife of former HBO executive Chris Albrecht, managed to secure the deal at a fraction of the original asking price. This is undoubtedly a remarkable opportunity, considering HGTV originally listed the house for $5.5 million.

A Valuable Investment

Initially purchased by HGTV for $3.5 million in 2018 for their hit series “A Very Brady Renovation,” the network had hoped to recoup some of its investment. However, it seems that they fell short of their expectations. Despite the loss, the network likely weighed the popularity of the show and the house’s cultural significance before making the decision to sell.

A Dream Come True

Danny Brown, the real estate agent overseeing the sale, shared his excitement about the unique opportunity: “This was the craziest deal of my career. There’s simply no comparing a house like this. Am I going to compare it to the ‘Home Alone’ house or Larry David’s house on ‘Curb’? Ultimately, it went to the right buyer—a collector who will utilize it for events and fundraisers and become the steward of an iconic piece of pop culture history.”

Preserving Cultural Legacy

While the exterior of the house was used in the sitcom, most of the interior scenes were filmed on a soundstage. However, HGTV’s mission for “A Very Brady Renovation” was to recreate the interior to match what viewers saw on television, resulting in significant renovations and a truly unique property.

This sale is a testament to the enduring popularity and cultural significance of the Brady Bunch. As the new owner takes the reins, we can only imagine the exciting future that awaits this beloved TV icon.