Bomb Threat At Santa Monica Pier: Man Arrested After Scaling Ferris Wheel


In a shocking incident that unfolded at the renowned Santa Monica Pier, a man claiming to be armed with a bomb climbed the iconic Ferris wheel, creating panic and chaos among onlookers. The Santa Monica Police Department swiftly responded to the situation, eventually apprehending the individual.

Key Takeaway

A man claiming to possess a bomb climbed the Ferris wheel at the Santa Monica Pier, leading to a standoff and the evacuation of riders. Law enforcement ultimately arrested the individual, who was found not to have any explosives.

Standoff at the Ferris Wheel

The alarming scene transpired on a Monday afternoon when the suspect publicly declared his possession of a bomb and started to ascend the carnival ride. As he made his way up the Ferris wheel, the man shouted unintelligibly at the officers stationed on the pier.

Stunned bystanders watched in horror as a tense standoff ensued, escalating the situation. Helicopters swirled overhead, and authorities brought the Ferris wheel to an immediate stop, leaving those onboard stranded. However, the Santa Monica Fire Department promptly arrived and rescued the trapped individuals using a cherry picker truck.

The Resolution

After approximately an hour, the man began descending from his perch on the 85-foot tall Ferris wheel, opening a line of communication with law enforcement. Eventually, the suspect was successfully taken into custody without any reported injuries. Law enforcement officials later confirmed that no explosives were found in his possession.

The incident at the Santa Monica Pier serves as a chilling reminder of the potential threats that can occur in popular tourist destinations. The swift response by law enforcement and emergency services ensured the safety of onlookers and riders at the Ferris wheel. Investigations are ongoing to determine the motives behind the suspect’s actions.

Authorities urge the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities immediately. Despite the fear and disruption caused by this incident, the Santa Monica Pier continues to be a beloved attraction, drawing visitors from around the world.