Joey Bosa Anticipates Defeat Against Joey Chestnut In Pistachio Eating Contest


NFL star Joey Bosa is known for his prowess on the football field, but he’s gearing up for a different kind of challenge. Bosa is set to participate in the second annual Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin’ Eating Championship on the Santa Monica Pier. The event will see Bosa and other competitors vying to out-eat each other in an eight-minute pistachio-eating showdown, with a $10,000 prize on the line.

Key Takeaway

Joey Bosa, known for his football prowess, is gearing up to compete in a pistachio-eating contest, where he humorously anticipates a tough challenge from professional eater Joey Chestnut. Despite his competitive spirit, Bosa’s primary goal is to avoid any mishaps during the contest, approaching the event with lighthearted humor and realistic expectations.

Competing Against the Best

Despite his success in football, Bosa is approaching the contest with a lighthearted attitude. He humorously acknowledges that he may have met his match in the form of professional eater Joey Chestnut, who is also set to compete in the event. Bosa, known for his defensive prowess with the Los Angeles Chargers, quipped about potentially pursuing a career in nut-eating, stating, “Forget football. This is my calling right here. Pistachios.”

However, Bosa is under no illusions about the tough competition he faces. Alongside Chestnut, he will be up against formidable opponents such as Nick Wehry, James Webb, Bartley Weaver, and Darrien Thomas. Despite his competitive spirit, Bosa is keeping his expectations light, expressing that his primary goal is simply to avoid any mishaps during the contest.

Setting Realistic Goals

With a touch of self-deprecating humor, Bosa shared, “I don’t really care where I place. My main goal is to not choke and die on a pistachio in front of a bunch of people. If I could accomplish that, then it’s a win in my book.” While Bosa is embracing the pistachio-eating challenge, he made it clear that fans shouldn’t expect to see him at the renowned Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating contest, as he prefers to stick with healthier snacks.