Blogger Eugenia Cooney Faces Concerns Over Her Thin Appearance


Recently, the online community has been expressing growing concern over the physical appearance of popular YouTuber and influencer, Eugenia Cooney. Fans flooded local police departments with phone calls and emails out of worry for her well-being. However, authorities have clarified that Eugenia is not in any immediate danger.

Key Takeaway

Eugenia Cooney’s thin appearance has sparked concern among fans, leading to numerous calls to the police. However, authorities have clarified that she is not in immediate danger and that claims of her being forced by her mother are unfounded. Sgt. Brent Reeves, who has known Eugenia for over a decade, assured the public that she maintains a healthy mindset and is of sound mind. Past concerns and interventions have not met the criteria to require further intervention.

A Storm of Concern

The concerns about Eugenia’s health escalated after she posted dance videos on TikTok, with many comments focusing on her extremely thin physique. The situation took a more serious turn when a news story about her highlighted these concerns, prompting people from all around the world to contact the Greenwich Police Department in Connecticut.

According to Sergeant Brent Reeves, officers received calls and emails from concerned individuals as far away as Egypt and New Zealand. The callers sought reassurance that Eugenia was not being forced by her mother to maintain her appearance or create content against her will. Sgt. Reeves confirmed that these claims were false.

A Decade-Long Relationship

Sgt. Reeves revealed that he has known Eugenia for over ten years and they share a strong bond. In fact, they have a special code: Eugenia includes a specific object in her videos to indicate to Sgt. Reeves that everything is fine. If this object is absent, he will take appropriate action to ensure her safety.

While Eugenia has always had a slender figure, Sgt. Reeves emphasized that they cannot force her to eat more if she is content with her current size. He affirmed that Eugenia is mentally sound and maintains a positive and cheerful personality during their conversations.

Past Concerns

This is not the first time that fans have expressed concern for Eugenia’s well-being. In 2019, popular YouTuber PewDiePie even encouraged his followers to send her messages of support. Additionally, Eugenia has previously mentioned being placed on a 5150 hold by her friends when she lived in California, feeling betrayed and ambushed by their actions.

Despite the ongoing speculation, Sgt. Reeves stated that Eugenia does eat and even mentioned that she has a fondness for chicken sandwiches.