Blake Shelton Faces Backlash Over Prerecorded New Year’s Eve Performance


Country music star Blake Shelton is under fire for his recent prerecorded New Year’s Eve performance, with some fans expressing disappointment and even embarrassment over the situation. The controversy unfolded during CBS’s “New Year’s Eve Live: Nashville’s Big Bash,” where Shelton’s performance, advertised as live, was revealed to have been prerecorded, sparking outrage among viewers.

Key Takeaway

Blake Shelton is facing backlash for his prerecorded New Year’s Eve performance, with some fans expressing disappointment and labeling him as an “embarrassment to country music.” The controversy arose after it was revealed that his performance, initially promoted as live, had been prerecorded.

Double-Booking Dilemma

During the CBS event, Shelton reunited with fellow artist Trace Adkins for a set that included some of their classic hits. However, it was later discovered that Shelton’s performance had been pre-taped, mere minutes before he took the stage for a live performance at a casino in Oklahoma. This revelation led to a wave of criticism directed at both the network and Shelton for what some fans perceived as a deceptive move.

Online Criticism

Frustrated fans took to social media to express their discontent, with one user going as far as to label Shelton as “an embarrassment to country music.” Another critic denounced the duet between Shelton and Adkins as “one of the dumbest songs,” reflecting the disappointment felt by some members of the audience.

Live Redemption

Despite the backlash from the prerecorded performance, Shelton’s subsequent live appearance at the WinStar Casino in Oklahoma was well-received, with the artist delivering a standout performance of his popular hits to a much more positive reception.

Simultaneous Shows

Interestingly, while Shelton faced criticism for the prerecorded performance, his wife, Gwen Stefani, was also in the midst of a live performance in Las Vegas, showcasing the simultaneous demands and challenges faced by the couple in their respective music careers.