Bears Defensive Coordinator Alan Williams Resigns: Taking A Break For Health Reasons


Chicago Bears defensive coordinator Alan Williams has made the decision to resign from his position, leaving the team without his expertise on Wednesday. While specific details about the resignation are still not clear, it was Williams himself who confirmed the news.

Key Takeaway

Alan Williams, the defensive coordinator for the Chicago Bears, has resigned from his position due to health concerns. Williams expressed his gratitude towards the organization and his desire to return to coaching once he has addressed his health. Coach Matt Eberflus did not give any additional details regarding the resignation.

Resignation Due to Health Concerns

In a statement, Williams expressed his regret that he had to step down from his role as the Defensive Coordinator for the Chicago Bears Football Club immediately. He cited health reasons as the main factor behind his decision, as well as the need to prioritize his family’s well-being.

Williams also took the opportunity to express his appreciation for the Chicago Bears organization and everyone he worked with during his time there. He commended the McCaskey family for their support and praised the team’s history as a storied NFL franchise. He specifically thanked Coach Matt Eberflus and General Manager Ryan Poles for giving him the opportunity to work in Chicago. Williams also expressed gratitude towards President Kevin Warren, the coaching staff, and players with whom he formed valuable relationships.

While Williams did mention the possibility of returning to coaching after addressing his health, he did not provide any specific timeline for his potential comeback.

Coach Eberflus Offers Little Insight

Following the announcement, Coach Matt Eberflus declined to provide further information about Williams’ situation. When asked by reporters, Eberflus stated that he had no updates to share at the time.