Babyface Orchestrates A Dream Marriage Proposal For Fan After Madison Square Garden Concert


Babyface, the renowned R&B singer and songwriter, recently made one lucky fan’s dream come true by helping her propose to her girlfriend during a meet and greet after his concert at Madison Square Garden. Angelica Pichardo reached out to Babyface on Instagram, expressing her desire to propose to her girlfriend, Diana Rosario, at one of his concerts. Babyface was not only thrilled but also eager to make this momentous occasion happen.

Key Takeaway

Babyface helps a fan propose to her girlfriend during a meet and greet after his Madison Square Garden concert, making the moment truly unforgettable and magical.

Angelica and Diana attended the concert at Madison Square Garden on Saturday, filled with anticipation for the incredible surprise waiting for them. After the show, they were graciously invited backstage for a personal meet and greet with Babyface himself. Little did Diana know that this meet and greet would turn into a life-changing moment.

With Babyface’s support and coordination, Angelica mustered up all her courage and got down on one knee to propose to Diana. Surrounded by the melodic tunes of Babyface’s timeless love songs, Angelica poured her heart out, making the moment truly magical.

Expressing her joy and excitement, Angelica mentioned that their relationship is like living inside a beautiful ’90s love song, and having Babyface right there with them made the experience absolutely perfect.

Congratulations to Angelica and Diana on this significant milestone in their love story. And if they are looking for a wedding singer, they can certainly count on Babyface to set the perfect musical tone for their special day.