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How To Choose An Engagement Ring

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Love is an unexplainable bond, and its ultimate declaration is, often, marriage. Marriage is a special occasion and a tradition as old as time, showing the commitment and devotion two people hold for each other. Since marriage is so grand, the engagement ring that signifies the promise of marriage should be just as splendid.

When it comes to buying a ring, you may be confused about which one to get. Which engagement ring best depicts the relationship between you and your significant other? You need to look for something that matches your partner’s tastes while not breaking the bank. To help you deal with this dilemma, let us take you through the main steps.


1. Decide On a Shape and Cut

Before purchasing a ring, research the shapes you can choose from. Traditionally, engagement rings use a diamond stone, but every ring varies in the cuts and shape of the stone. Popular shapes are circle, oval, pear, marquise, square, and heart. The circle diamond shape costs more, so if you are on a budget, you can consider choosing a more angled shape.

Aside from the shape, you also need to know the different types of cuts and which one your partner prefers. In rings, the cut style is how the diamond facets are arranged. In the brilliant cut, they are positioned to be bright. This cut style can be used on almost any shape but is most popular with circle one. The step cut is used primarily on rectangular and square shapes. This cut has sleek lines and highlights the diamond’s color and clarity. Knowing the properties associated with available shapes can help you decide which one your partner would appreciate.


2. Choose a Metal

You must also be deliberate when selecting a suitable metal for the band. Conventional choices include white gold, silver, yellow gold, and platinum. In recent years, rose gold has gained a lot of appreciation for its fresh look. If your partner prefers a modern style, you can consider a rose gold band.

Aside from style, also consider the ring’s durability as it is something your partner may wear daily. A platinum band, for instance, is less susceptible to scratches and will need less repair over the years. You can even consider having diamonds or other precious stones placed along the band for something truly unique. This knowledge of metal bands can help you pick one that suits your significant other the most.


3. Consider Adding Side Stones

There’s no rule saying engagement rings should only have one gem. Unique engagement rings often have multiple side stones, and if you think your partner will prefer them, you can try:

  • Three-stone rings: These have two additional stones – usually smaller – placed on either side of the main stone. Birthstones are a popular choice to incorporate here; they feel more intimate and unique.
  • Halo Settings: In this placement style, you can place tiny diamonds in a circle around the center stone to make it appear grander. You may even add more than one halo. These styles can give the appearance of a large ring without being as costly.


White gold halo-style diamond engagement ring
Image from Unsplash

4. Get Correct Measurements

It will be embarrassing if you get the wrong size when proposing. To ensure you buy the right size, you can ask your partner’s friend, maybe secretly borrow one of their rings to measure it, or casually bring the matter up in a conversation. While you can always get the ring sized after proposing, it may compromise the intricate design as the stones can become loose. Consider the measurements before making the purchase.


5. Buy a Certified Stone

Engagement rings are one of the most expensive objects you will purchase in life. So you must shop smartly for it. After selecting a ring that meets all your requirements and parameters, make sure the stone is certified. A trustworthy laboratory such as the American Gem Society should accredit the stone.

Unverified labs may testify that diamonds and other stones with inflated grades, so you may think you bought a great ring at a great price. In reality, the diamond of your ring may have lower quality than what it is being sold for. To avoid this scam, always ask for the gem’s grading report to ensure the ring you purchase is as authentic as you believe it to be and is truly worth your money.



When purchasing the engagement ring, try to think about the things your partner will value in the ring. If unsure, you can sneak a peek at their jewelry collection or ask their closest friends for guidance. Try to be open-minded with your budget. This does not mean buying an engagement ring entirely out of your price range, but if you find the dream ring and it’s a bit above what you are willing to spend, try to relax the boundary. By keeping the above steps in mind, you can purchase the perfect ring to celebrate the union between you and your partner.