Arthur Blank Donates $750K To Israeli Orgs After Terror Attack


In a tremendous show of support, Arthur Blank, the owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has announced a generous donation of $750,000 to hospitals and medics in Israel. This donation aims to aid those who have been affected by the recent Hamas terror attacks.

Key Takeaway

Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons, has made a substantial donation of $750,000 to hospitals and medics in Israel to support those affected by the recent Hamas terror attacks. The funds will go towards medical centers near the Israeli/Gaza border, aid volunteer medics, and provide essential protective equipment and supplies. Blank’s generosity highlights the urgent need for solidarity and support in the face of devastating violence.

Blank Family Foundation’s Generous Gift

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation shared the news of this incredible donation on Tuesday. The funds will be directed to two medical centers located near the Israeli/Gaza border, as well as an organization that provides support to thousands of volunteer medics across the country.

A Message of Solidarity

In a statement released by the foundation, Arthur Blank expressed his deep concern for the distressing terrorism acts that Israel has been facing. He emphasized that these attacks not only cause death, injury, and trauma but are also a heinous assault on humanity itself. Arthur’s message of solidarity highlights the urgent need to combat the violence witnessed in recent days.

The Heart behind the Donation

As a Jewish individual, Arthur Blank has a strong connection to Israel. In addition to co-founding Home Depot in the late ’70s, he purchased the Atlanta Falcons in 2002. With a net worth of approximately $7.5 billion, according to Forbes, Arthur Blank is recognized as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world.

Blank’s donation will not only benefit the Barzilai Medical Center and Soroka Medical Center, which are frontline hospitals and trauma facilities in southern Israel but will also provide United Hatzalah’s dedicated medical professionals with essential protective equipment. This equipment includes vests, helmets, as well as medical supplies like oxygen tanks, defibrillators, and bandages.

A Preliminary Grant with Potential for More

While the $750,000 donation is incredibly generous, Arthur Blank has referred to it as an “initial emergency grant.” He has expressed the possibility of additional support in partnership with other relief groups, ensuring that the most critical areas of need are addressed.

The ongoing conflict has resulted in a significant loss of life and numerous injuries, with Israel reporting over 1,000 civilian fatalities and thousands more wounded. Arthur Blank’s donation stands as an impactful gesture of compassion and support during these challenging times.