Antonio Brown’s Ex Urges For His Arrest Over Unpaid Child Support


Antonio Brown, former NFL star, is facing more controversy as the mother of one of his children accuses him of not paying child support. Wiltrice Jackson, who gave birth to Brown’s daughter, Antanyiah, in 2008, claims that he owes her nearly $31,000. Fed up with the lack of payment, Jackson has stated that she wants Brown arrested if he doesn’t pay up.

Key Takeaway

Antonio Brown’s ex-girlfriend, Wiltrice Jackson, accuses him of not paying child support and wants him arrested for it. This is not the first time Brown has faced legal trouble over the issue.

This is not the first time Brown has faced legal trouble over child support payments. In August, a judge ordered the police to arrest him after ruling that he had missed payments. However, there has been no progress in the case since the order was issued. This is the second time this year that a judge has issued this order against Brown.

Jackson is frustrated with the situation and believes that Brown is making a mockery out of the legal system. She is adamant about him being held accountable for his actions and wants the police to find him and arrest him. According to Jackson, Brown’s behavior shows that he believes he is untouchable.

However, Jackson’s concerns go beyond just the financial aspect. Her attorney, Pascal Michel, revealed that she wants Brown to be an involved father to their daughter. Antanyiah, now 15 years old, is showing promise as a star athlete and has received interest from over 80 schools, including prestigious ones like the University of Miami and Oregon. Jackson believes that Brown should support their daughter’s athletic endeavors.

Jackson, who dated Brown during the early years of his NFL career, has reached her breaking point. Despite the challenges she has faced, she remains determined to fight for her daughter’s rights and ensure that Brown meets his responsibilities as a father.