Aaron Rodgers Reveals Dragon Tattoo With A Nod To Jets Jersey


Aaron Rodgers, the New York quarterback, recently unveiled his latest tattoo—a dragon with a special tribute to his Jets’ jersey. The tattoo, located on his left arm, was shared by his tattoo artist Balazs Bercsenyi on Instagram. The intricate artwork showcases the dragon prominently in the middle of Rodgers’ bicep.

Key Takeaway

Aaron Rodgers recently revealed a new dragon tattoo on his left arm, which includes a subtle nod to his new jersey number, #8. This marks his second tattoo, and although he has been on injured reserve, he remains hopeful for a future return to the Jets.

Adding a Subtle Hint to the Tattoo

While the significance of the dragon and the lettering around it remains unknown, Bercsenyi shed some light on the design. In his Instagram caption, the artist mentioned that the positioning of the dragon’s body was not a coincidence. Bercsenyi hinted, “with a subtle hint for Aaron’s new jersey number #8.”

It’s evident that the 40-year-old quarterback was delighted with the outcome of the tattoo. Leaving a comment on the artist’s page, Rodgers expressed his gratitude, saying, “Happy Birthday brother! So thankful for you and your mastery.”

Aaron Rodgers’ Growing Tattoo Collection

This dragon tattoo marks the second ink for Rodgers, with his first consisting of a pair of lions and an eyeball on his left forearm. While the quarterback has been on injured reserve since tearing his Achilles in the first game of the season, he seems to have found solace in the tattoo chair.

Looking Ahead

Despite Rodgers’ efforts to make a comeback this season, with the Jets currently holding a 4-8 record, it is unlikely that we will see him, or his new tattoo, on the field until 2024.