‘A Christmas Story’ House Under New Ownership


The iconic house from the beloved film “A Christmas Story” has found a new owner within the same company that manages its operations. Previously operating as a tourist attraction in Cleveland, the property offers visitors the chance to tour the house as a museum and even stay overnight. After announcing plans to sell the property last year, the company has now revealed that their CEO, Joshua Dickerson, will be taking over as the new owner.

Key Takeaway

The ‘A Christmas Story’ house, a popular tourist attraction in Cleveland, has found a new owner within the same company. Joshua Dickerson, the current CEO, will be taking over as the owner and managing partner of the property. The decision puts an end to the hopes of the actors from the original film to acquire the house. The future of the iconic house as a museum and tourist destination remains secured under the new ownership.

A Change of Plans

Originally, the intention was to sell the whole property to a new owner who could either continue operating it as a museum or reside in it as a regular home. There had been interest from a group of actors from the original film, led by Yano Anaya, who were eager to acquire the house and keep the tradition alive. However, after a series of discussions and complications, it seems their plans fell through.

Welcome to the New Owner

The business page for the ‘A Christmas Story House’ has announced that Joshua Dickerson, the current CEO, will be taking on the ownership of the house. They expressed that while the company has been associated with its founder, Brian Jones, the true hard work and dedication behind the scenes has been carried out by Mr. Dickerson. It was only fitting for him to take the final step and become the owner.

In terms of his role as the new owner, the ‘Christmas Story’ house team revealed that Joshua will be taking an equity stake in the company and assuming the role of managing partner. This means that he will not only be running the house but also overseeing the overall operations of the company.

What the Future Holds

While the specific details of the ownership transfer are still unclear, it was previously reported that the company had expected to sell the house for a substantial amount. The new development puts a halt to Yano’s hopes of inheriting the property, despite his efforts to reconcile with Brian and his strong connection to the house.

As of now, it seems that the future of the ‘A Christmas Story’ house is in good hands with Joshua Dickerson at the helm. Fans of the film and visitors to the museum can continue to enjoy the iconic setting that holds a special place in the hearts of many during the holiday season.