50 Cent Mocks Former Rappers Lloyd Banks And Young Buck On ‘Final Lap’ Tour


During a recent show in New Jersey, 50 Cent shared images and took aim at Banks, joking, “You think this is something? Wait till you see Lloyd Banks’ tour.” He later continued his taunting by referencing Buck’s debut album, saying, “Just wait till you see Straight Outta Cashville,” with his signature grin.

Key Takeaway

50 Cent continues to make headlines as he mocks his former G-Unit associates Lloyd Banks and Young Buck during his “Final Lap” tour. With ongoing legal battles and personal disagreements, it seems unlikely that a reunion is on the horizon. The tour has already faced controversy, including a recent incident involving a microphone throw. Despite the drama, 50 Cent remains a prominent figure in the music industry.

50 Cent has been vocal about his issues with Banks and Buck in the past, labeling them as lazy for lacking the same ambition as him.