50 Cent Mic Toss 911 Audio: Operator Concerned About Concert Lineup


911 Call Raises Questions

The incident took place on August 30th at the L.A. Arena. During the emergency call, the operator was taken aback by the news of a blunt force trauma caused by a mic. The injured party was identified as Bryhana Monegain from Power 106, who suffered a profusely bleeding forehead due to the incident.

Key Takeaway

The 911 audio recording reveals the concern of the operator about the concert lineup after a DJ suffered a head injury from a microphone tossed by 50 Cent. The incident has sparked an investigation leading to potential felony charges.

The Surprising Question

Although it remains unclear how the lineup was relevant to the injury, the dispatcher asked, “Who is performing tonight?” It is an unusual inquiry given the circumstances, but the operator promptly dispatched medical assistance to the scene. To their credit, they also inquired about Bryhana’s level of consciousness.

The Aftermath

Law enforcement sources have informed us that their investigation is complete, and the case is now with the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for a review of potential felony charges.

The Final Lap Tour Continues

Despite the controversy, 50 Cent’s “Final Lap” tour is ongoing and scheduled to continue until December. One can only hope that better microphones will be in use to prevent any further incidents.