25 Winter Wedding Color Schemes for 2022

Winter wedding colors

What colors are good for a winter wedding? Your thoughts may immediately take you to icy blues and snowy whites. But winter palettes go beyond these traditional shades. Seasonal hues such as deep reds, evergreen, midnight blue, and burgundy are all popular wedding colors for winter. Even the most unexpected color can be winter colors – you just have to find the right tone and mix and match.

When it comes to winter wedding themes, don’t be afraid to step out of the usual. You can add a level of opulence to your reception by choosing darker jewel tones or opt for something unexpected like purple and gray. A touch of gold or glitter can help pull everything together and lend a royal influence to your reception. Be it modern, vintage, bohemian, or whimsical, we’ve got something for every theme you’d wish for. 

25 Winter Wedding Color Schemes 


Orange, Auburn, and White 

Orange winter wedding colors
Photo from Morgan Hollabaugh on Pinterest

An orange wedding theme for winter? Sure! While this color is typically associated with autumn, orange can surely brighten up any winter wedding as well. Vivid shades such as Auburn, Merigold, and Apricot can be tempered with some auburn and white. Adding a touch of gold tones to the wedding décor will keep things from looking too plain.

Give orange a try if you’re in the mood for wedding colors for winter that is outside of the usual options.

Great for: Rustic weddings, garden and outdoor, and seasonal weddings. 


Black and Gold 

Black and gold winter wedding colors
Photo from Style Me Pretty on Pinterest

Moody but glamorous, black and gold is a classic combination that can never go wrong. It pairs well with couples who enjoy a certain touch of enigma and can be used for a variety of themes; whether you want something alternative or classic. After all, black is alluring and gold enchants.

This dark winter color palette can also provide quite a beautiful contrast, especially if you choose decorations that are in a more muted tone. Cream, beige – even lilacs and blushing pinks. All of these colors will complement black and gold, making it stand out more.

Great for: Dark glamor, eclectic, and modern weddings. These colors can also fit weddings inspired by the classic Goth aesthetic.


Red and Cream 

Red and cream winter colors.
Photo from Christonia on Pinterest

Doesn’t this combination remind you of red velvet cupcakes? Much like the decadent confection, red color palettes are eye-catching and perfect for the holidays. Shades of red like Merlot or Ruby make it a great addition to wedding color schemes if you want contrasting winter colors.

Red and cream are two of the best wedding colors for winter if you want to keep things a bit traditional. The red offsets the simplicity of the nude tone, keeping things from looking dull. 

Great for: Romantic, traditional, and indoor weddings. 


White and Silver 

White and silver winter wedding colors
Photo from A Practical Wedding on Pinterest

If it’s a winter white wedding you want, there is no other color combination that best expresses the sparkly wintry vibes of the season other than white and silver. These two can instantly create the look of a wintry wonderland – especially if you choose your décor to match.

White and silver also work well as Christmas wedding colors. Though not as traditional as red and green, they do bring to mind the purity of fresh snow and the shimmer of falling snowflakes. Definitely two of the best winter wedding colors you can choose. Brides and grooms, add a shade of red to your bouquet or pocket squares for that additional pop. 

Great for: Whimsical, fantasy-inspired, and traditional weddings.


Pink and Rose Gold 

Pink and rose gold wedding colors.
Photo from POPSUGAR on Pinterest

Pink may not be your usual winter wedding color, but you can make it work with some tweaking. Pair cool and muted tones like blush or pastel pink with rose gold, and you can create a really elegant wedding color palette

Opt for a glossy pink fabric like silk (to mimic icicles!) when it comes to your entourage’s attire. Don’t shy away from dressing the groomsmen in this color as well. While the classic black tuxedos look great, the pink ones echo the joyful spirit of the holidays. Perfect for a December wedding!

Great for: Traditional and vintage weddings to add a sprinkle of romance and magic. A Bridgerton-themed wedding, perhaps?


Navy Blue and Gold 

Navy and gold winter wedding colors
Photo from Madeline Rose on Pinterest

Navy blue and gray create a toned-down yet sophisticated winter wedding color palette. To add more contrast without making things too busy, choose pastel-colored flowers and wedding décor. Aside from gray, you can also pair nude winter wedding colors with navy blue. These two complement each other beautifully, eclectic yet modern at the same time. 

If these wedding color ideas for winter seem too formal or stoic for you, introduce pops of glitter when possible. Doing so will add a level of whimsy and magic to anything– sort of like pixie dust!

Great for: Nautical, modern, and beach weddings. 


Midnight Blue and Silver

Midnight blue and silver winter wedding colors.
Photo from Hey Sunny Jess on Pinterest

The deepest shade of blue, midnight blue is another winter wedding color to look out for. Midnight blue projects opulence and sophistication that conveys confidence and elegance for any bride and groom. Coupled with silver, this color combination mimics a starry night sky, adding to your reception’s romantic ambiance. Though they are unique winter wedding colors, consider giving this dark winter color palette a try. 

Midnight blue and silver also translate well when used in your wedding décor and accessories. You can choose to do a table setting in this color or use it for your invitations.

Great for: Traditional, vintage, and whimsical weddings.


Coral and Blush 

Coral and blush wedding scheme.
Photo from Rachel Solomon Photography on Pinterest

The champagne color palette has become the trend for weddings in recent years. These wedding theme colors may seem better suited for warmer months, such as spring and summer, but they can work well for winter as well. The key is knowing how to apply them to your winter wedding ideas.

Think coral and blush flowers that look like they’ve been dusted with snow or silky fabrics that reflect the light in the same way as ice. You need not be too on the nose when it comes to winter themes– even subtle hints work just fine.

Great for: Seasonal, romantic, and indoor weddings.


Gold and Sage Green

Gold and sage green winter wedding colors
Photo from Green Wedding Shoes on Pinterest

Traditional and elegant, a gold winter wedding theme will never go out of style. They are also very versatile and can be applied to a dark winter color palette or even a lighter one as seen in our previous examples. When it comes to wedding colors for winter, gold paired with sage green will create an attractive contrast.

Great for: Rustic, bohemian, and seasonal weddings. 


Green and White 

Green and white wedding colors.
Photo from WeddingWire CA on Pinterest

If gold feels a bit dated for you, then switch it out for white. Not only does it fit well with the holidays, but the contrast between gold and white also creates visual interest. Compared to darker palettes, green winter wedding colors are also refreshing to the eyes, especially if you pick cooler tones such as Fern or Viridian. Against a natural backdrop, these shades of green can create a rustic yet mythical Tinkerbell wedding. 

Great for: Nature, rustic, and nautical weddings.


Purple and Gray 

Purple and gray wedding theme.
Photo from Mountainside Bride on Pinterest

A deep winter color palette can be quite romantic. This rings true for purple winter wedding colors, especially when paired with something more subtle like gray. The contrast between these two is also pleasing to the eye and translates well when used in wedding décor. 

Brides-to-be, if you enjoy wearing white, then save these unique wedding combination colors for the entourage. Bridesmaid gowns in gray can be very flattering, while purple attires for the groomsmen will make things feel less drab. They are timeless colors for classic themes. 

Great for: Modern, indoor, and nautical weddings. 


Yellow and White 

Yellow and nude January wedding colors.
Photo from Green Wedding Shoes on Pinterest

Will yellow work for winter? Of course! Together with white and a tinge of blush or nude, this unanticipated color can make a perfect wedding color palette. This January color palette gives off a light and carefree feel, doesn’t it? That said, keep the bright sunshine shade for the summer, and use more pastel and beige hues for your entourage. 

The more vivid tones could be relegated to your invitation or wedding accessories such as name cards or table settings. We also suggest adding some berry purple to your otherwise muted tablescape for an extra layer of vibrancy. 

Great for: Bohemian beach, and garden weddings. 


Champagne and Gold 

Champagne and gold February wedding colors.
Photo from 100 Layer Cake on Pinterest

We’ve already established the popularity of the champagne color palette when it comes to winter wedding ideas. After all, this color can bring a sense of warmth to your reception, offsetting the chilly weather. If you want to heighten the glamor of your special day, pair champagne with gold. Add gold décor elements such as faux fur and foliage to complete your wintry wonderland with a sparkle. This color combination is organic yet sophisticated all the same time. 

Great for: Indoor, vintage, and rustic. 


Purple, Turquoise, and White 

Purple, turquoise, and white winter wedding colors.
Photo from Halfpenny London on Pinterest

Talk about the unexpected. If you’re looking for unique wedding palettes, then, purple and turquoise will surely turn heads. Be it for the actual wedding reception, wedding dinner and dance, or after parties, this color combination works for all. Against the landscape of white, these deep colors set a beautiful contrast that incites both warmth and coziness, with a tinge of sprightliness needed on this happy occasion. 

They will add a much-needed pop of color, which will contrast well with other winter wedding theme colors.

Great for: Whimsical and fantasy-themed weddings. 


Peach and Eggshell White 

Peach and eggshell wedding colors.
Photo from Isabelle Elliott on Pinterest

When it comes to pretty colors for weddings, you can’t go wrong with peach and eggshell white. Though these feminine colors are typically associated with spring, don’t hesitate to use them for a winter wedding as well. This stunning combination of white and peach creates a soft romantic vibe with a layer of sweet playfulness from that orange shade. Simple, fuss-free yet versatile for various wedding themes.  

You can also opt to add touches of silver, whether it be in the entourage’s attire or in your décor. The simmer in silver creates the illusion of ice and snowflakes, creating an undeniable romantic yet whimsical wintry vibe.

Great for: Church, garden and outdoor, and vintage weddings. 


Lavender and Silver 

Lavender and silver winter wedding scheme.
Photo from Green Wedding Shoes on Pinterest

To add a sense of tranquility and understated elegance to the occasion, pick a jewel tone like lavender. Paired with silver, these two colors give off a sense of gracefulness which is very appealing to the eye. You can also ombré your bridesmaid dresses to play around with light and dark tones. 

Lavender and silver can be used in a variety of ways, too, making them some of the best wedding colors for winter. Think lavender sprigs in lieu of your usual wedding florals, which adds visual interest, while using silver and crystal centerpieces will add an icy feel to your table setting.

Great for: Seasonal, whimsical, and indoor weddings. 


Brown, Evergreen, and Gold 

Brown and gold wedding colors.
Photo from Megan Harrod on Pinterest

The colors you choose need not be loud to create an impact. Earthy and sensual brown tones can create a welcoming space, while still maintaining an air of opulence. Tawny, caramel, and russet all pair beautifully with gold– think Hygge, but more sophisticated. 

The addition of evergreen brings an extra layer of richness, calling to mind early woodland mornings– what could be softer and more romantic? You can continue this theme in your décor by adding hygge elements such as cinnamon or pine-scented candles, crochet décor instead of lace, and hot cocoa for dessert! 

Great for: Indoor, bohemian, and rustic weddings. 


Gray and Dark Emerald Green 

Gray and emerald green December wedding colors.
Image Credit: The Knot on Pinterest

Gray by itself can be dull and lackluster– not the type of winter you would want your wedding theme to be. To give it more life and texture, add emerald green to the mix. These dark green accents are all about the wintry nature vibes but they also command a sense of sophistication and regality. This deep winter color palette may sound odd but at first look, you’ll realize this might be the best nature-themed winter wedding if you’re planning one. 

Great for: Modern and eclectic weddings. Think of this color combination as the peak of modern luxury; effortless yet attention-grabbing. 


Various Shades of Berry

Berry tones wedding palette.
Photo from OkCrowe Photography on Pinterest

Plum, mulberry, tulipwood, and bordeaux. These are just some of the delectable berry shades you can choose for your special day. Mixed with a dusting of either gold or rose gold, these shades can give any space an truly opulent and royal feel.

If you’re not one to shy away from maximalism when it comes to winter wedding colors, a mixed palette of berry hues will give your theme a Dionysian touch. For a more subtle take on it, though, berries with emerald green are also a beautiful choice. 

Great for: Dark glamor and royalty themed weddings. This combination fits a Twilight-inspired wedding as well!


Copper and Red 

Copper and red wedding color ideas.
Photo from Hello May on Pinterest

Copper and red can create a warm yet elegant look. These unique wedding colors are very grounding and give off an earthy yet sensual feel. Like the warmth of a hearth or the embrace of someone you love; making it perfect for February wedding colors – the month often associated with love and all things Venusian.

Adding a touch of nude or blush introduces a whisper of softness. You can introduce these colors through the bridesmaid gowns and the pocket squares of the groomsmen. Mixed with copper and red, these colors also make for a gorgeous flower bouquet.

Great for: Romantic, eclectic, and bohemian weddings. 



Tartan winter wedding ideas.
Photo from Maddie C. on Pinterest

If you really want unique wedding color schemes, then go for patterns. For winter, tartan is your best option. After all, the tartan pattern is also associated with Christmas. It comes in a variety of colors, but we suggest choosing a red, green, and maroon color combination. Note that traditional patterns do carry some meaning, so always research before using them.

Tartan is classy yet fun– think of it as a nod to those holiday pajamas that some of us would put on on Christmas eve. We’re sure it’ll bring back many childhood memories for your guests as well!

Great for: Seasonal, vintage, and eclectic weddings. 


Rose Gold and Champagne 

Rose gold and champagne winter wedding colors
Photo from Ever-Pretty on Pinterest

Nothing says “fairytale wedding” quite like rose gold and champagne. Rose gold winter wedding colors are dreamy and romantic, the very essence of weddings. Mix that with a champagne color palette and you have one of the prettiest combinations there is. 

You can keep things subtle and use this combination only for accents or design your entire wedding theme around them. Including dressing your entourage to match or choosing your floral décor according to this palette. Either way, the effect is classy without feeling pretentious.

Great for: Traditional, romantic, and fairytale-inspired weddings. 


Burgundy, White, and Gold 

Burgundy and gold winter wedding themes.
Image Credit: Junebug Weddings on Pinterest

Burgundy winter wedding colors are equally as romantic as rose gold. The only difference is that it is more dramatic, especially when paired with gold. We won’t blame you if you start feeling like royalty once you put everything together. Choosing opulent fabrics and materials like cashmere, silk or velvet will only serve to heighten this effect. 

To make this combination more appropriate as wedding color ideas for winter, we suggest adding silver glitter to the mix. It will add sparkle to everything and make it seem as if they’ve been dusted with shimmering snowflakes. Perfect for the bride and groom who aren’t afraid to stray from the norm.

Great for: Dark glamor, vintage, and modern weddings.


Terracotta and Cream 

Terracotta wedding theme
Photo from Jordy B Photo on Pinterest

Another way of adding a feeling of coziness to your special day is by using Terracotta wedding colors. This earthy tone is currently one of the trendiest colors when it comes to weddings, thanks to how flattering it can be. Tempering its vividness with a muted shade of cream or light beige does wonder. 

While keeping things matte in vogue, you can’t go wrong by adding a touch of gold to your decor. Gilded flowers and using gold foil on your invitations is a subtle but effective ways of doing this.

Great for: Beach, rustic, bohemian, and vintage weddings. 


Maroon and Rose Gold 

Maroon and rose gold wedding winter colors.
Image Credit: WeddingWire on Pinterest

Maroon and rose gold may not be the first combination that comes to mind when it comes to December wedding colors, but trust us on this one. This dark and dramatic pair can be very enchanting as long as you keep things balanced. 

For winter weddings, opt for fabrics with some iridescence. Silk and organza are both good options, whether you’re using them for decoration or as part of your bridal attire. A maroon color combination also works great for bouquets and other floral arrangements– the deeper the hue, the more romantic it will feel.

Great for: Traditional, eclectic, modern, and seasonal weddings. 


Best Winter Wedding Colors? It’s All About Mix And Match.

What are the best wedding colors for winter? We think it’s a toss-up between a cool winter color palette and a dark winter color palette. These combinations can make for some really impressive wedding ideas– just as long as your imagination and be as creative as possible when using them.

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