Is Vaping a Fashion Trend with Health Benefits?

Man smoking vape

Gone are the days when cigarettes ruled the market. Due to its wide usage in movies back in the day, smoking cigarettes made someone feel as though they were a wealthy and influential part of society. They sometimes also did this to show off, despite the cigarette’s addictive and other harmful properties. However, awareness of its danger has become widespread among people nowadays, thus, turning vaping into the next big thing.

Ditching Cigarettes

The appearance of vaping devices and e-cigarettes has urged the majority of cigarette smokers, as well as those new to the game, to ditch traditional cigarettes and hop on this trend. When we look around now, teenagers are often seen with modern vaping devices instead of cigarettes. That’s why it’s safe to say that vaping has become a lifestyle trend adopted by an abundant amount of smokers. Fashion shows are even promoting this trend by introducing it during specific segments to discuss it.

However, the question still lies on whether or not vaping has a side effect on a consumer’s health. Does this shift in lifestyle trends, from traditional cigarettes to vaping devices, bring about any health benefits at all? Or is vaping as harmful as smoking cigarettes?

If these queries are bothering you, then you are definitely reading the right thing. This article will help you understand whether or not vaping is a brand new lifestyle with health benefits. So let’s delve into it without any further ado!

How is Vaping Beneficial?

Regulating Intake of Nicotine

A major problem with traditional smoking is that consumers aren’t aware of how much nicotine they consume. On the contrary, vaping gives you an option in regard to your nicotine intake. You can easily regulate nicotine intake by choosing the e-juice strength as per your preference. These e-juices are available in different strengths, and it’s up to you whether you want a nicotine-free variant or a high-strength one. This vaping benefit can turn out well for your health in several ways. In time, you will be able to gradually reduce your nicotine intake through vaping. On the other hand, cigarette consumption will increase your body’s dependence on nicotine. And long-term dependence can be extremely fatal.

Better for Oral Health

Usage of traditional cigarettes poses several risks for a consumer’s oral health. A number of oral health drawbacks are a huge problem for regular smokers. These include a high risk of oral cancer, bad breath, tooth sensitivity, and loss of taste and smell. In addition, smoking can also damage your oral health because of bacteria buildup. Meanwhile, vaping has significantly fewer impacts on your oral health since it doesn’t contain as many chemical compounds as cigarettes. Traditional cigarettes, on the other hand, contain tar and nicotine, which are two very harmful substances. With vaping, you can also prevent your teeth from staining by choosing a nicotine-free or low-strength e-juice. To sum it up, a cigarette affects your teeth severely compared to vaping.

Safer than Smoking

Most research done by physicians discovers that vaping is at least 95% safer than smoking. The number of chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes and e-liquids supports this claim. In fact, cigarettes contain more than 7000 chemical compounds, while the latter only have at least four ingredients. With this comparison, we can easily conclude that vaping is quite safer than smoking. Although vaping addiction can also bring long-term side effects on your health, it is still a much safer option. You will also notice several improvements to your health by switching to vaping devices. Some even report having better skin health, blood circulation, and lung capacity.

A Better Nicotine Option

In our final analysis, we have observed how vaping has proved itself to be a better source of nicotine, in comparison to traditional cigarettes. Manufacturers are keenly working on making vaping devices an even more fashionable accessory by adding modifications to their appearance. Additionally, vaping allows you to switch between flavors rather than just sticking to boring ol’ tobacco. The most popular flavors you can choose from include menthol, strawberry, cinnamon, chocolate, and many more. If you want to avoid the dangers associated with smoking a cigarette and follow the current trend, then vaping is your best bet.