Top 15 High Paying Jobs for Freshers in the U.S. [2020]

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When you were in high school, your school guidance counselor probably told you to follow your passion when choosing a career. But then, most high paying jobs in the United States are in the health sectors. This article will provide all you need to know about the 15 top-paying jobs in 2020 for freshers.

15 High Paying Jobs in the U.S

1. Anesthesiologists

Some physicians administer anesthetics before, during, or after surgery or other medical procedures. These kinds of health personnel are called Anesthesiologists. It is hardly a surprise that this medical specialization is currently ranked number one in top jobs that pays well in the United States of America. Furthermore, to become an anesthesiologist in the U.S is not an easy task. This is because aspiring anesthesiologists first attend four years of medical school. Then, they are required to complete a four-year residency in their specialization, and perhaps more. However, this depends on the sub-specialty. According to a statistics report in 2019, the number of anesthesiologists in the U.S is estimated to be about 31,000.

MEDIAN SALARY: $208,000- $278,016

2. Surgeons

Professionals who operate on patients suffering from deformities, injuries, or diseases are called surgeons. Additionally, these professionals can specialize in various aspects such as cardiovascular, orthopedic, neurological, plastic, or general surgery. The surgeon is among the best jobs not only in the U.S but also in different parts of the world today. Also, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is projected that there will be a 1.2 percent growth for the employment of surgeons between 2018 and 2028. As a result, an estimated 500 jobs should open up during that period. However, to qualify as a surgeon, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Get a bachelor’s degree
  • Pass Medical College Admission Test
  • Complete medical school in four years
  • Pass a licensing exam
  • Undergo a surgical residency for three to four years
  • Finally, obtain State licensure


3. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

Oral and maxillofacial surgeons perform surgical operations on the face, mouth, and jaw of a patient. These health professionals are dentists with at least four years of additional training in surgery. Hence they can do everything from treating facial injuries to fixing chapped lips. They can diagnose and treat patients with cancer of the head, neck, and oral cavity. They can even apply anesthesia and perform cosmetic surgeries, such as a facelift. It is reported that Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons make an average salary of $ 208,000 yearly. The highest-paid 25 percent usually make around $ 208,000, while the lowest-paid 25 percent earn $ 177,650 each year.


4. Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Obstetrics is the surgical field that is concerned with childbirth, while gynecology is the area of medicine that deals with women’s health, especially their reproductive health. A person can be a gynecologist and not an obstetrician. However, a person cannot be an obstetrician without being a gynecologist. Currently, this is one of the most lucrative career fields to specialize in medicine. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts 2.3% employment growth for obstetricians and gynecologists between 2018 and 2028. Hence, within this period, about 500 jobs should be created. Also, it was reported that Obstetricians and Gynaecologist made an average salary of $ 208,000 in 2018. The highest-paid 25 percent earned $ 208,000 that year, while $ 172,130, was made by the lowest-paid 25 percent


5. Orthodontists

It is noteworthy to mention this rank among the best paying occupations in 2020. Orthodontists are dental professionals who eliminate problems with improper bites and askew teeth. They examine the mouths and jaws of patients to create a dual-purpose orthodontic program. This program helps patients to achieve and maintain proper jaw function while improving their smiles. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 7.3 percent increase for orthodontists between 2018 and 2028.


6. Psychiatrist

Psychiatry is among the best careers in the world today. A psychiatrist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats mental disorders. They also work to prevent problems related to the mind and mental health. To become a qualified Psychiatrist, you have to complete medical school and undergo psychiatric residency programs. During residency, these health professionals are trained to understand the complex connections between mental and body ailments. They are also equipped to assess the full spectrum of the patient’s health, make a diagnosis, and draw up a treatment plan. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it predicts a 15.8 percent employment growth for psychiatrists between 2018 and 2028. Consequently, an estimated 4,500 jobs should open up within that period.


7. Physicians

Physicians help to both diagnose and treat patients for a range of health problems. Besides being considered one of the top-paying jobs, Physicians are also ranked number 5 in Best Healthcare Jobs. It is estimated that a physician earns between the range of $208,000 to $88,630. Furthermore, it was predicted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics that there would be 3.7 percent employment growth for physicians between 2018 and 2028. Hence the creation of about 1,600 jobs.


8. Prosthodontists

These professionals are dentists who restore and replace teeth to boost the function of the patient’s mouth or the look of their smile. Prosthodontists can also treat people who have missing teeth and problems with their bite or smile. They also help cancer patients who have difficulties communicating, eating, or even kissing after treatment. To be qualified for this job, it is required that students first have a bachelor’s degree, complete the four-year dental school for their doctorate, and then undergo a three-year post-doctoral residency program to specialize in Prosthodontists. According to reports made by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it was indicated that there would be a 7.3 percent employment growth for prosthodontists between 2018 and 2028. Meanwhile, during that period, no job would be lost. Professionals in this field earn between $208,000-$118,390 annually.


9. Pediatricians

These are doctors who deal with the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children from early childhood to adulthood. A Pediatrician is a high earner U.S. This is a fact because these professionals earn between $208,000 to $126,690. It is also among the best paying and best STEM jobs in the North American country. Also, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted there would be a 2.2 percent increase in employment for pediatricians between 2018 and 2028. Thereby an additional 700 jobs would be created during that period.


10. Dentist

Dentistry is ranked as one of the highest paying jobs in the US. Interestingly, this field deals with the diagnosis and treatment of issues related to the patient’s mouth, gums, and teeth. The responsibilities of a dentist include extracting teeth, placing dentures, and filling cavities. Some choose to specialize in areas that range from treating severe oral problems and diseases to straightening teeth and performing oral surgeries. They are usually assisted by dental hygienists, who complete the cleaning of the patient’s teeth, and by dental assistants, who typically help with keeping records and sterilization of instruments. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an estimated 10,400 jobs created for dentists between 2018 and 2019.


11. Nurse Anesthetist

Nurses are well paid across the world. But then the question generally asked is what kind of nurses get paid the most? Nurse anesthetists are the best paid in this lucrative occupation. This kind of nurses makes use of different intravenous drugs and inhaled gases to administer anesthesia to patients, thereby helping surgeons to complete procedures without discomfort to the patient. Specialists in this branch of nursing can earn between $143,870-$198,470 per year. Interestingly, it is estimated 7,600 jobs will be created in this field over the next few years.


12. Petroleum Engineer

This occupation is entirely dependent on the price of crude oil. A decline in sales of petroleum could lead to job losses in this field of engineering. Despite the challenges mentioned, petroleum engineering is a job that pays well, making it one of the most sought after professions. Petroleum engineers create equipment that is used to extract crude oil from reservoirs. A Petroleum Engineer can earn between $103,610 to $191,780 annually.


13. IT Manager

Information technology is one of the fastest-growing occupations in the world today. IT personnel help deliver short- and long-term visions for the company’s technology needs and goals. Currently, it is one of the best jobs with so many untapped potentials. The Bureau of Labor Statistics further estimates there will be about 46,800 jobs opportunities in this field between 2018-2028. An IT manager earns in the range of $110,110 to $180,190


14. Podiatrist

Podiatrists are doctors who identify and treat conditions of the foot and ankle. These professionals can make anywhere from $87,980 up to $182,690 yearly. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 6.0% employment growth for this highly lucrative occupation between 2018 and 2028. As a result, approximately 600 jobs should be created


15. Marketing Manager

According to American Marketing Association, “Marketing is an activity, a set of institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering and exchanging offers that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society as a whole.” Also, this profession encompasses a wide range of programs, which includes trading and economics to finance and statistics. This career is a gold mine filled with lucrative job opportunities. Currently, Marketing Managers are ranked number one in Best Sales and Marketing Jobs by several online sources like The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that an estimated 20,900 jobs should open up for this field. Lastly, Marketing managers usually make an average salary of $ 134,290 annually. They earn between $ 95,770 to $ 181,780 in a year.

MEDIAN SALARY: $ 134,290

How to Get a High Paying Job?

You can learn how to get a high paying job by following the simple tips below:

Present yourself as an expert in your field

To make yourself more attractive to future employers, you need to focus not only on building your brand but also present yourself as an expert in your field. You can do this by writing books, or articles about your area, giving seminars, creating informative videos, etc.

Cultivate your leadership skills

One skill that is always in demand is excellent leadership skills. You have an advantage if you are already in a leadership position, as you have opportunities to develop your leadership qualities.

Take calculated risks

To secure a job that pays well, you’ll probably have to push yourself out of your comfort zone and apply for high-paying jobs that may seem like a stretch.

Cross-train to broaden your skill set

One of the best ways to boost your resume is to demonstrate that you have taken steps to learn new skills to enhance your areas of experience.

Investigate the Financial status of companies

Before you start applying for jobs, create a list of prospective companies you would like to work for and research on the financial health and stability of each company. The better they do financially, the more likely they are to pay employees well.

Get yourself noticed

When you are ready to switch companies in search of lucrative jobs, you will want to look for as much exposure as possible. The more employers you can get your credentials in front of, the higher your chances of finding one that hits the mark.

To wrap up, besides the 15 jobs mentioned in this article, there are other High Paying Jobs in the US. Other professionals such as bankers, Architecture and Engineer Managers, attorneys, pilots, and many several others also earn well.