5 Things You Need To Know About Paris Fashion Style

Paris autumn fashion

Paris is unrivaled in terms of fashion. It is considered one of the fashion capitals of the world because the people of Paris are trendsetters. Parisian women are living, breathing fashion icons. They dazzle you with their clothing choices, whether they are casual or formal.

The Paris fashion week is one of the most popular fashion shows, that features almost all the top brand identities like Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. If you’re thinking of traveling to Paris to take in the city’s fashion style firsthand, follow these 5 tips to rock Parisian style effortlessly.


1. Casual Chic Clothing

woman wearing trench coat in paris
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What Parisian women wear on any given day can vary greatly from one season to another. However, keeping it simple is the key! You can pair your jeans with a button-up shirt or a blouse. Go for neutral colors, regardless of the weather, but black is an exception though. Parisian people are huge fans of black outfits!

One of the most popular trends in Paris is trench coats. A trench coat is a traditional wear for both men and women in Paris. Alternatively, wear skater dresses during the summer as they are comfortable and stylish!


2. Baggy Pants

woman in baggy stylish pants
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Baggy pants are one of the latest styles to emerge in Paris. They’re both cozy and classy and can be worn for all sorts of occasions. But before you go out and buy a pair, there are a few things you need to know.

To begin, baggy pants should fit loosely around your waist and hips. They should be wide enough to cover your buttocks and long enough to cover your ankles. Second, baggy pants should be made from a lightweight fabric, like cotton or linen. Finally, for a sophisticated look, wear them with a collared shirt, or a simple T-shirt would do the job.


3. Leather Shoes for the Win

Girl in a leopard skirt and black boots
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You might be surprised to learn that leather shoes are the main fashion statement in Paris. It’s time to put away the stilettos, ladies, and replace them with something a little more casual and classic. Think about it—leather shoes go with everything, and they’ll never go out of style. They are ideal for both a day at work and a night out. Furthermore, they are comfy enough to wear all day long.

A loafer is one of the most popular shoes around, in Paris. Other than that, over-the-knee boots are eminent as well. What’s great about the loafer is that it’s so easy to style. You can go for a simple look with a solid-colored loafer, or add some interest with a print or embellishment. And if you’re not sure how to style them, just take a cue from the Parisians and pair them with socks.


4. Small Sized Faux Leather Bag

woman carrying small sized leather bag
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No matter how classy you dress up, a look can never be completed without a handbag! When it comes to fashion style in Paris, it’s all about the small bag. Not only is it more stylish, but it’s also more practical. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go, and it doesn’t take up a lot of space.

If you’re searching for an affordable yet classy & chic handbag, then you must check out Balmain! Their small-sized faux soft leather bags are all you need to rock your look! These soft leather bags enhance your overall look with brighter hues. Plus, the faux leather gives it a luxurious look and feel, which is perfect for a city like Paris. Other than handbags, they have a huge variety of mini dresses and jackets. You can also find pretty dope boots on their website!


5. Cozy Scarfs & Beanies

woman wearing beanie and scarf
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If you’re planning a trip to Paris anytime soon, be sure to pack a few scarves and beanies. They’ll come in handy when the weather turns cold, and they’ll also help you fit in with the locals. It is preferable to choose a scarf in neutral colors or in black and white so that it will go with any outfit.

So don’t forget to accessorize, a scarf is a perfect way to add a touch of personality to any outfit. You will rarely see a Parisian go out without a scarf, no matter the time of year, they make a great fashion statement.


Final Words

When it comes to fashion, Paris is the city that knows best. Parisians are well known for their classic and elegant style. From international runway shows to the best places to buy designer clothes at a discount, Paris is the capital of fashion. Moreover, the French take fashion very seriously. The runway shows in Paris are some of the most highly anticipated in the world. The Parisian style is all about simplicity and understatement, so experiment until you find what works for you!