10 Amazing Entertainment Options on Your Trip to South Carolina

south carolina museum

The beautiful state of South Carolina is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on one side, and North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee on the other side. Within this state, you can find rich national forests, beautiful and lively beaches, cities thriving with historical monuments, villages, and many other tourist attractions. Furthermore, South Carolina is a state rich in history, any history buff who wants to learn about the civil war can visit the jailhouses, plantations, museums, forts, mansions, and much more. It is safe to say that South Carolina is a dream getaway for nature lovers as well as history buffs. So, when you plan your trip, make sure to add these amazing entertainment options to your list.


1. Visit the South Carolina State Museum

The building that once housed the Columbia Mills has become the South Carolina State Museum. It is a state-of-the-art building that showcases several displays on culture, history, science, art, lifestyle, and technology. The State Museum opened in 1988, but it still retains many of the features of the original Columbia Textile Mill. You probably know about the SC State Museum because of its famous megalodon shark sculpture, or the first locomotive which was entirely built in America. It also has a 4D theater where you can enjoy history, tech, and adventure with this interactive ride.


2. Enjoy Myrtle Beach

Myrtle beach is one of the biggest attractions in South Carolina. With so many entertainment options available, you will never get bored. Enjoy Myrtle beach shows, shop from the shopping complex, and enjoy a dinner show at Pirate’s Voyage, the most fun place to eat! You can also visit the Ripley Aquarium, go on an alligator adventure, enjoy the Carolina opry theater, or participate in the express watersports. There are plenty of options to choose from for every age group.


3. Enjoy nature at Huntington Beach State Park

If you are more inclined toward nature and the outdoors, surround yourself with nature by visiting Huntington Beach State Park. It is a coastal nature preserve that is most famous for its nature preserves, bird watching, and stunning views. You can surround yourself with more than 300 different species of birds, or spot alligators and loggerhead turtles by the freshwater lake. You can also visit the Atalaya Castle and enjoy the unique history of South Carolina, or go explore the local flora and fauna on a trail. Lastly, a picnic at the beach is a perfect way to sum up your day.


4. Have fun at the South Carolina Aqua Park

If you are going to South Carolina on vacation with your family, you cannot miss South Carolina Shark Wake Park, also known as the Aqua Park. Entertain your kids at the inflatable floating park by crossing the obstacle course or just have fun with your family on the slides. This activity is not only perfect for the whole family but also cool and refreshing, making it the perfect entertainment option for summer vacations.


Caesar's Head State Park
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5. Hike at the Caesar’s Head State Park

Caesar’s Head state park is situated in the northmost part of South Carolina, right by the border of North Carolina, and is one of the most scenic and interesting spots in the state. It is a gigantic rock formation where you can stand and enjoy the scene of the Piedmont region below. It is one of the most popular hiking spots, and has shorter trails such as the Raven Cliff Falls for those who want to enjoy the landscape without going to the top. You can camp there for the night, watch hawks migrate, or enjoy fishing.


6. Visit the Charleston Historic District

The Charleston Historic District is home to more than 1,400 historical buildings and features numerous famous historical sights. Explore the historic district of Charleston and enjoy the antebellum architecture as well as the delicious local cuisine. The best way to enjoy the place is by taking a horse-drawn carriage tour to revel in the authentic and historical antebellum atmosphere and soak in the Southern charm. After that, you can visit the French Quarters and the Old Confederate Museum to bring a nice end to your day.


7. Explore the Greenville Zoo

The Greenville Zoo opened in 1960 and covers about 14 acres of land dedicated to the zoological area. It is one of the most famous tourist spots in South Carolina, particularly among families. So, if you are vacationing with your family, the zoo is an ideal location for your children to revel in the majesty of wildlife. The Greenville Zoo also offers different family adventures and programs you can enjoy with your family.


8. Enjoy a stroll at the Brookgreen Gardens

The Brookgreen Gardens, spreading across 9,100 acres of land, is one of the state’s most famous tourist attractions. This landmark is perfect for couples as its gorgeous features, flora, fountains, and sculptures provide a romantic experience. There is also a local zoo that features all the native wildlife found within the state. Finally, you can enjoy a boat ride through the marshes, to sum up, this relaxing day.


9. Marvel at the Dupont Planetarium

The Dupont Planetarium housed at the University of South Carolina is a theater that can inspire you to celebrate the mysteries of this universe. Attend a public show at the Dupont Planetarium, which includes lessons on weather, biology, and astronomy, and marvel at the mystery and wonders of this universe. You can also check out the stars up close at the observatory and enjoy a night full of wonders.


10. Enjoy the South Carolina Aquarium

The South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston is a relatively modern and interactive tourist attraction. It is a fun and educational place that families should visit. See the aquarium’s aquatic wonders, feed shrimps to stingrays, and even touch shark fins at the touch tanks. These interactive activities are bound to make the visit exciting for you and your family.



South Carolina is a state full of natural and manmade wonders. The state houses both history and landscapes, making it a popular tourist spot. As a first-time visitor, don’t get overwhelmed by the plethora of options to choose from, and enjoy your time by visiting the entertaining options we recommend on this list first!