Christmas Is Coming: Best Champagne for Toasting the Holidays

The holiday season is finally here. Many believe that singing loudly for all to hear is the ideal means of spreading Holiday cheer. As awesome as that is, popping champagne in front of everyone is just as festive. Whether you’re serving a fine whiskey or a beer, review these picks and food pairings for the best holiday celebration ever. Merry Christmas!


Wines from Cos Estournel

Lisa Perrotti-Brown awarded cos estournel wines 100 points for their excellence.


Its enjoyably brand-new vintage becomes more prominent as the robust fragrance stages back to allow a vibrant fruit to emerge. The nose of black fruits, the smooth taste on the palate, and the tannic formation of higher densities while preserving a fine grain make this an elegant wine filled with lavishness. It is a beverage that does not leave many ambivalent. The Cos d’Estournel is both strong and pillowy, generous and fresh. Put bluntly, it is spectacular.


1. Champagne Krug Grande Cuvée Brut

This cuvée is produced from approximately 200 champagnes. It is most suitable for buyers looking for a refined unique flavor in their sauvignon blanc.


This flask, rich in sweet fruit and citrus with a hint of pepper and cacao beans, deserves to be relished completely.


2. Reserve Billecart-Salmon

This wonderful, zesty alcoholic cider with aubergine, sourdough bread, and red fruit awakens the taste. It makes an excellent brew to start a lunch or to refill the sense of taste among its foremost dishes on the menu. Nothing says “festivities” like a champagne course, anyway.


3. Moet & Chandon Imperial

This wine’s thriving salinity and red fruit fix showcase flavors of toasted nuts and french toast. This is thanks to the brand’s nearly equivalent combination of pinot noir and pinot Meunier types.


Begin with droplets of freshly grated cheese and minced tropical fruit for such a brilliantly scrumptious main course. Alternatively, you may also consider a classic roast chicken to uplift your nice meal.


4. Yellow Label Luxury Clicquot

Veuve Clicquot reinforces its mythical status with a rounded sauvignon blanc wine. “Veuve” means single mother in French. It is an allusion to Milady Grenouille Clicquot. She began looking after a family’s sparkling wine mansion after her husband’s death in 1890. During this time, she transformed the business with great professionalism.


5. Pol Roger Brut Champagne

Celebrate like a king or queen with this sparkling wine. It would have been the traditional bubbly of Harry and Meghan’s wedding and William and Kate’s (it too was Winston Churchill’s top choice). This fruity champagne has berry and citrus notes, with just enough minerality to stay crisp.


6. Brut Special Cuvee Bollinger

007 might be British, but his preferred bubbly is French. Aside from being James Bond’s formal sparkling wine brand, this bottle has detailed notes of stone fruit and sensuous spice. This makes it an excellent pair for seafood classes, cheese sheets, and a festive turkey sandwich.


The Best Foods to Pair with Champagne White Truffle

White truffle is the epitome of luxury. They are incredibly popular due to their strong and scented flavoring. Summer mushrooms (Tuber aestivum and Tuber uncinatum) pair really well with Champagnes that boast both a sleek and spherical crunchiness.


1. Citrus

Set champagne with Jacques Torres’top lineup, citrus, to add a little sweetness to your festivities. “Citrus goes well enough with champagne,” Torres says. “It’s a wonderful match for your taste when paired with caramelized orangettes and ginger.”


2. Fried Chicken

If you’re looking for an unusual pairing to entice the oenophile in your life, search no further than this high-low pairing which gets excellent reviews from our readers.


“Champagne and fried chicken are a prominent and delectable pairing,” says The Modern’s Chef Abram Bissell, who pairs his edition with Krug Grande Cuvée. Ralph Treszi, soft drink manager, said, “I can’t come up with a better way to merge supreme elegance and supreme comfort.”


3. Steak

While red wine may be your go-to with a good cut of beef, don’t overlook the delicious taste that a blanc de sparkling wine can bring to the table. “Champagne is among my preferred pairings with red meat!” says Victoria James, soft drink general manager. “The bubbles surface and brilliant acidity cut through to the splendor of the steak and rejuvenates the palate between those bites.”



Here are some champagnes o make your holidays or Christmas extra special. This list also includes some food to pair with them.