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iPhone Locked to Owner? How to Unlock with/without Computer

iphone locked to owner

The iCloud Activation Lock is specifically designed to deter theft and unauthorized access. If someone tries to factory reset and use an iOS device with Find My feature enabled, he/she will be prompted to enter the Apple ID and password associated with the device.

So if you are the one too, wondering why does your iPhone keep saying iPhone Locked to Owner, join me to catch a clear pathway that helps you remove the activation lock and restore access to your iPhone quickly. 

Let’s get started…


Part 1: FAQs about iPhone Locked to Owner

When you have an iPhone locked to the owner the first three questions that come to your mind are “Can I unlock it? Can I factory reset or jailbreak my phone? What about my phone’s security?”

Want to know the answers? Then this section will answer you.


Q1: Can you unlock an iPhone locked to owner?

There is a common belief that unlocking an iPhone locked to its owner is not possible unless you have the original owner’s Apple ID and password. But it’s not true. In this post, we will show you how to bypass iPhone locked to owner with or without the previous owner.


Q2: Can you factory reset an iPhone that is locked to the owner?

Yes, it is possible to factory reset an iPhone that is locked to an owner, however, it’s crucial to understand the implications and limitations of this action. 

To initiate a factory reset, you need to put the iPhone into recovery mode and connect it to a computer. Then restore it to factory settings with iTunes. The popular third-party tool – 3uTools can’t be used to factory reset an iPhone with iCloud Activation Lock. It can only flash your device.

There is one thing you need to remember. Performing a factory reset on an iPhone with the iCloud Activation Lock enabled won’t bypass the locked-to-owner screen.


Q3: Can you jailbreak an iPhone that is locked to owner?

Yes, you can successfully jailbreak activation locked iPhone using reputable tools like Checkra1n and iToolab UnlockGo (iPhone Unlocker).

However, jailbreaking is just one step, it cannot directly bypass the iPhone locked to owner screen.

After successfully jailbreaking the device, you’ll need a powerful tool like iToolab UnlockGo, that can efficiently bypass the iCloud Activation Lock on your iPhone.


Part 2: iPhone Locked to Owner? How to Unlock with Computer?

You feel glad when you purchased a used iPhone at an affordable price but that iPhone locked to owner message left you helpless by blocking your access to your favorite apps and features. The situation becomes worse if you are unable to contact the previous owner to ask for credentials. 

I am not here to scare you but to give you an authentic solution to bypass the iPhone locked to owner using iToolab UnlockGo (iPhone Unlocker) which stands out as a powerful tool designed to address iCloud-related challenges. 

Tailored for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users, this program is your go-to solution when facing iCloud Activation Lock without the hassle of password retrieval or the involvement of the previous owner, which is a big catch!

Why should you choose iToolab UnlockGo?

  • It supports iPhone/iPad/iPod touch models running iOS 12.0-16.7.
  • It allows you to regain full access to your iPhone without a password or the previous owner’s account detailes.
  • Enjoy App Store’s extensive offerings by logging in with a new Apple ID.
  • Provide full control of your device’s security settings by allowing a new Passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID setup.
  • With one licensed code, you can also unlock iPhone passcode, remove Apple ID without password, bypass MDM, reset Screen Time passcode and more.
  • It’s compatible with Windows and Mac system.


Now you have all caught up with UnlockGo, then follow the process below to unlock “iPhone locked to owner” with iToolab UnlockGo.

Step 1: Free download and install iToolab UnlockGo on your Windows or Mac computer. After installation, run the program. Navigate to the “Unlock iCloud Activation Lock” option on the home screen.

Step 2: Connect your locked iPhone to the computer using a USB cable and click “Start”. UnlockGo starts downloading the necessary firmware package that hardly takes a few minutes to complete.

Step 3: As the firmware download is done, click “Remove Now”. UnlockGo will automatically shift your device into Recovery mode. Following this will manually switch your device into DFU mode.

Step 4: When your device successfully enters DFU mode, the jailbreaking process commences. Sit back and let UnlockGo work its magic.

Step 5: As the jailbreaking process is completed, re-enter DFU mode, and once you do it, UnlockGo will seamlessly start the removal of the activation lock, taking only 1-2 minutes. 


Part 3: How to Bypass the iPhone Locked to Owner without a Computer?

You might be thinking if I don’t have a PC, can I still remove the activation lock? The answer is YES, you can simply cope with an iPhone locked to owner bypass without a computer following these free methods.

Note: I don’t want you to stuck anywhere, these methods are free but they work under certain conditions, please check them first before attempting.


3.1 Unlock with Screen Passcode

If the Apple ID has turned on Two-Factor Authentication, you will see a “Unlock with Passcode” option on the iPhone locked to owner screen. You can bypass iPhone locked to owner message by using device passcode. If you don’t have it, reach out to the seller or the previous owner and kindly request these details and go through these steps. 

  1. Navigate to the activation screen and tap on “Unlock with Passcode”.
  2. Input the screen passcode associated with the device.
  3. You have successfully entered the iPhone using the provided screen passcode.


3.2 Unlock with

If reaching your previous owner physically is not feasible or they are unwilling to provide iCloud account details, a collaborative approach can still be employed. 

Request the previous owner to initiate the process remotely by signing in to their iCloud account. This involves erasing the iPhone and disassociating it from the previous owner’s account. The activation lock will be subsequently removed, allowing you to set up your device with a new Apple ID effortlessly. 

Here’s a simple guide for your previous owner to follow:

  1. The previous owner needs to log in to and navigate to “Find My iPhone”.
  2. Identify and select the specific device from the list and then click on “Remove from Account.”
  3. A confirmation prompt will appear; the previous owner should click “Remove” to proceed.
  4. Allow a moment for the process to complete. Once done, you can set up the iPhone as if it were brand new.


3.3 Unlock with Apple Support

This approach is particularly effective if you are the legitimate owner of the locked iPhone. If other methods don’t work, consider placing a request with Apple support to remove the activation lock. 

I have found some users on Reddit reported success with this method, emphasizing its viability, so this method is free and worth trying.

  1. Click on the provided link that directs you to the Apple Support page and select “Start a support request”.
  2. Click “Get started” in the next page.
  3. There are some important things you need to know before moving on. After reading, check Agree and click “Continue” button.
  4. Then you need to input your email address and serial number or IMEI.
  5. Apple will send a link to your email address. Open the link, you’ll see the information that you need to offer, like proof of purchase.

Once done, submit your request. Apple will give you an answer in the following days.


Part 4: Can You Bypass iPhone Locked to Owner with DNS?

For iPhones operating on older system versions like iOS 8.0-10.0, the DNS method offers an alternative to unlocking your device. This technique ingeniously leverages a DNS server loophole, tricking your iPhone that it has been unlocked. 

So follow this step-by-step method to bypass the iPhone locked to owner.

  1. Go back to the WiFi settings page.
  2. Tap on the “i” icon next to the name of the network. If you don’t see the “i” icon, press the home button and select “More Wi-Fi Settings”, the icon will appear.
  3. Locate and tap on the “Configure DNS” option, select “Manual” and remove your DNS server from here.
  4. Now you need to tap Add DNS and input DNS according to your location.
  1. Type in Add a domain name option.
  2. Get back to the WiFi page if the activation lock screen appears again.
  3. Then it will take you to the DNS portal, from here click the Menu option. You’ll see all the applications you can enjoy.


The Bottom Line

Buying a secondhand phone is a charm until you don’t face an iPhone locked to owner message because it will leave you in a helpless state if you are unable to contact the owner. But in case you tried free methods make sure you come up with the requirements.

Mind that Apple support asks for a real owner while fixing this issue so if you want to save your time and effort, bypass the iPhone locked to owner using the iToolab UnlockGo (iPhone Unlocker) tool that is free from typical requirements and gives you a smooth experience of bypassing iPhone activation lock efficiently.