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How to Find the Perfect Dress for Your Next Special Occasion

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Most women can have a wardrobe that’s full and bursting with clothes, but still struggle to look for the right outfit for a special occasion. You may be in this boat if you have something exciting approaching that you want to look your best for, whether a wedding, engagement party, hens’ night, birthday party, work, or special event.

If so, now may be the time to go shopping and find a new dress that you can wear to feel confident or sexy while enjoying yourself. Read on for some ways to find the perfect dress ASAP.


Leave Yourself Plenty of Time


Firstly, don’t leave your shopping until the last minute. The more time you can give yourself to source for the right dress, the less stressed you’ll be and the more likely you are to find something that makes you feel good. Allocating enough time will mean you can check out a lot more options, whether online or in brick-and-mortar stores, and get the dress ordered and shipped from afar if necessary.

Leaving weeks or months to browse will also give you plenty of time to get a dress tailored to fit you perfectly if needed. Or, if you decide that you’d prefer to use a dressmaker to create something from scratch, this provides enough hours they need to work on the dress and do multiple fittings with you.


Set a Budget


Another tip is to set a budget for your dress before you start shopping. As you begin browsing malls and outlet centers or looking online at the Summer 2022 fashion trends for women and the like, you will be tempted by many different options. Some of these are sure to be out of your budget and stretch your finances too much, making decision-making much harder.

In the excitement of shopping, it’s easy to be distracted and you end up spending more than you really should. If you create a budget for yourself in advance, you’re less likely to spend more than is wise in a new dress and can save time by only checking out items within the range you feel comfortable spending.


Be Clear About Your Measurements


For a dress to look beautiful on you and work appropriately for a special occasion, it needs to fit you just right. Your dress size doesn’t always correlate to the size you wear in other clothing, though. For instance, if you have mostly size eight jeans in your closet, this doesn’t mean you should only try on size eight dresses. You should go up or down sizes, depending on the brand, the cut, the material, etc.

To help you find the right product, it pays to take measurements of your body in advance at four key areas. Take note of the dimensions of your bust at the widest point, hips at their widest point, waist at its narrowest point, and your shoulders at their widest spot. You can then use these details to give you a starting point. It’s still necessary to try products on, though, to see what works for you and what doesn’t.

Remember that it’s often worth paying a little more to have a dress tailored specifically to your dimensions so it fits perfectly. If you can’t find anything that comes close off the rack, you could also consider hiring a dressmaker to create an outfit for you from scratch. They will take your measurements upfront and then typically do at least one or two fittings along the way to ensure the dress fits you perfectly.


Know Which Dress Styles Suit Your Body Shape


You’re much more likely to find the perfect dress for your next special occasion if you’re clear about your body shape. Knowing what looks best on your figure will help you focus on the best looks that will maximize your best assets and minimize those areas you don’t appreciate so much. Try to work out what silhouette will suit your shape, whether you’re an hourglass, pear, apple, triangle, or other types.

Look at your entire body, from the tops of your shoulders to your feet, to get a complete visual understanding of your shape. Take some measurements of your hips, waist, bust, and shoulders to get a good idea of your figure. As you check out different dresses, contemplate factors such as if they’ll suit your bust size and give you the support or appearance of more curves that you need, what length works best, and which patterns suit you or not.

The fit must be right, too, not too tight or too loose for your shape. If you’re unsure, it helps to take photographs of yourself in different styles and look at them for a more objective glimpse into what works and what doesn’t.


Consider Specific Event Factors


Finally, as you search for a new dress, always keep in mind the event details. Think about the weather conditions and if the event is held indoors or outdoors, and how that may affect your comfort and dress needs. If, for instance, you’re going to a beach-based event, steer clear of a dress that could expose you if the wind blows or one with a long train that will drag and get dirty in the sand.

Formality is something to consider, too, as is how much movement you’ll want to make in the dress. If you plan to do a lot of dancing as the night progresses, it’s best to pick a dress that allows you to boogie comfortably without worrying about ripping seams or exposing too much skin. There may be specific themes you need to dress around, too, so don’t forget to pay attention to the details mentioned in the invitations.

Buying a new dress can be fun and stressful, but if you follow the tips above, you should find the experience more satisfying and less time-consuming.