How Many People In The History Of Mankind Had The Highest IQ In The World?

Many people think that a high IQ guarantees you will be successful at work or any other endeavor. To test this hypothesis, we have compiled a list of people with the highest IQ in the world and would like to share our observations with you.


IQ Measurement Method

Almost all of us have received grades since childhood. This comes from the words of relatives and friends or assessments of students in educational institutions. this is already a numerical indicator. However, educational institutions evaluate each subject separately. Everyone is familiar with this kind of evaluation. But how do we comprehensively assess our overall level of intelligence?


For this, experts use special tests. These comprehensive tests cover many areas such as history, mathematics, literature, astronomy, biology, and even logic. But the most successful test is the test of Hans Eysenck (Germany). He is a German scientist who specializes in psychology. According to Hans Eysenck’s test, it is believed that a person with an average mind should have an IQ of 100-120. Meanwhile, 130 to 140 indicates an increased intellectual level, and more than 140 is a high level.


People With The Highest IQ In The World

It is exciting to know who has the highest IQ from a historical perspective. Read on to find out more.


William Sidis (250 – 300)

This man has the highest IQ in the world. However, he has not been able to achieve much in his career or personal life. He began to speak at 4 months, and at 2 years old, he could write and read in two languages. When he was 9 years old, he successfully passed the exams at the most prestigious university. Despite this, he was enrolled only after 2 years due to emotional immaturity. During his studies, he showed phenomenal results and was followed by many journalists. The young genius did not like such intrusive attention. As such, after graduating from university, he began to live under different names and worked as an accountant. He was constantly moving from place to place to ensure that no one noticed his phenomenal abilities.


Christopher Langan (200)

At six months, he began to talk, and he was already reading at the age of three. However, his mother and stepfather were not involved in developing the boy’s abilities. As a result of the beatings, he left home. As a teenager, he was self-taught. To earn his living, he took on various hard work.


Kim Un-Young (210)

At the age of four, Kim Un-Young could solve mathematical problems. At age 5, he prepared a report on solving a complex issue in mathematics. He also knew 4 foreign languages. When he was only 8 years old, he went to study at the University of California. He currently holds the position of vice president at a research center in Korea.


William Shakespeare (210)

He is a famous poet and playwright whose works are read by millions of people, and his plays in theaters are top-rated.


Leonardo Da Vinci (220)

He is a great inventor, artist, and designer who was engaged in tests and was fond of music. He is the author of many technical developments (devices, fixtures, instruments) and thoroughly studied anatomy.


Christopher Michael Hirata (225)

Christopher Micheal Hirata specializes in astrophysics. As a teenager, he was a NASA researcher. Today, the man holds a Ph.D. in astrophysics and is a professor at the California Institute of Technology.


Marilyn Vos Savant (228)

This writer often retests. Each time, she received different indicators. Speaking about herself, she said that even at the age of ten, the test result showed 228. At the age of forty, she had a rubric where she gave answers to tough questions from readers. Marilyn Vos Savant is without a college degree. Despite this, she studied at the University of Washington for a period of time. Today, she is a member of a society that brings together people with a high IQ.


Terenzo Tao (230)

This scientist has the highest coefficient in the world. At the age of two, Terenzo Tao was good at mathematics and English. When asked how he learned the letters, he said that he did with the help of TV programs. Furthermore, at nine, he was already a university student. Terenzo Tao is a winner of the mathematical Olympiads, and at the age of 20, the recipient of the title of Doctor of Science from Princeton University. He has three higher educations from the University of Princeton, Flinders University, and the Institute of Scientific Research. Today, he is a member of the Royal Society of London.



This list does not include all the scientists and artists with the highest IQ in the world. Most of them have an inborn gift, while others worked hard and achieved excellent results. If you want to improve your IQ today, there are many methods; for example, you can use the memoryOS mobile app.