How To Make A Folded Star Ornament


Materials Needed

To create a beautiful folded star ornament, you will need a few basic supplies. Gather the following materials before you begin:

  • Fabric squares: Choose two contrasting fabrics, each measuring approximately 5 inches by 5 inches. This will give your ornament a lovely visual depth.
  • Scissors: Make sure you have a sharp pair of fabric scissors for cutting the fabric squares and trimming any excess material.
  • Needle and thread: A neutral-colored thread will work well for this project. Ensure that your needle is appropriate for sewing through multiple layers of fabric.
  • Pins: These will come in handy for securing the fabric squares in place during the folding and sewing process.
  • Iron and ironing board: Keep these nearby for pressing the folds and creating crisp lines in the fabric.
  • Marking tool: A fabric pencil or disappearing ink pen will be useful for marking the fabric or making guidelines.
  • Ruler or measuring tape: Accurate measurements are crucial for evenly spaced folds and a symmetrical star shape.
  • Embellishments (optional): If you want to add a personal touch to your folded star ornament, consider incorporating small beads, sequins, or embroidery threads for decorative accents.

Once you have gathered these materials, you will be ready to embark on your folded star ornament-making journey. Prepare your workspace and get ready to bring your creativity to life!

Step 1: Preparing the Supplies

Before diving into the fold and sew process, it is essential to properly prepare your supplies. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and efficient crafting experience:

  1. Cut the fabric squares: Take your two contrasting fabric squares and using your fabric scissors, cut them into equal-sized squares measuring approximately 5 inches by 5 inches. If desired, iron the fabric beforehand to remove any wrinkles and ensure clean cuts.
  2. Place the fabric squares together: Place the two fabric squares on top of each other, with the right sides facing inwards. This will allow you to sew and fold the ornament with hidden seams, resulting in a neater and more polished look.
  3. Secure with pins: Use straight pins to secure the edges of the fabric squares together. This will prevent any shifting or misalignment while you work on the folds and sewing.
  4. Mark the fabric: Lightly mark the fabric with a fabric pencil or disappearing ink pen to indicate the center point of the squares. This will serve as a reference point as you work through the folding and sewing process.

By taking the time to properly prepare your supplies, you will set yourself up for success in creating a beautiful and well-crafted folded star ornament. With the fabric squares cut, secured, and marked, you are now ready to move on to the exciting process of folding the squares and bringing the ornament to life.

Step 2: Folding the Fabric Squares

Now that your supplies are prepared, it’s time to start folding the fabric squares to create the intricate design of the folded star ornament. Follow these steps:

  1. Start with one fabric square: Take one fabric square and fold it in half diagonally, forming a triangle. Ensure that the corners line up neatly for a clean and precise fold.
  2. Fold in half again: Once you have the triangle shape, fold it in half again, bringing the pointy end towards the opposite side. Press the fold firmly with your fingers or use an iron to create a crisp line.
  3. Repeat with the other fabric: Repeat the folding process with the second fabric square, creating an identical folded triangle. Make sure both fabric squares are folded in the same way for symmetry.
  4. Align the folded fabric: Place the folded triangles on top of each other, aligning the folded edges and making sure the points are facing the same direction.
  5. Secure with pins: Use pins to hold the folded fabric in place, ensuring that the layers don’t shift while you sew them together.
  6. Optional: Add additional folds: If you want a more intricate design, you can add smaller folds or creases to the fabric by carefully folding and pressing certain sections. This step is purely optional and depends on your personal preference.

As you fold the fabric squares, take your time to ensure each fold is precise and the fabric remains smooth and wrinkle-free. It’s important to have a strong foundation for a well-formed folded star ornament. Once both fabric squares are properly folded, you can move on to the next step of creating the center piece of the ornament.

Step 3: Creating the Center Piece

The center piece of the folded star ornament adds depth and dimension, giving it a striking appearance. Follow these steps to create the center piece:

  1. Unfold one fabric square: Carefully unfold one of the fabric squares, keeping the fold lines visible. This will serve as a guide as you create the center piece.
  2. Create the first pleat: Take one corner of the fabric square and fold it towards the center point, aligning the edges to form a small triangle. Press the fold firmly to create a defined crease.
  3. Repeat for all corners: Repeat the process of folding each corner towards the center point, creating additional triangles. Make sure each fold is aligned and pressed firmly to maintain symmetry.
  4. Secure the folds: Use pins to secure the folds and keep them in place. This will prevent them from shifting as you sew the layers together.
  5. Repeat with the second fabric square: Repeat the folding process with the second fabric square, following the same steps to create the center piece. Ensure that both fabric squares have matching folds and alignment for a uniform look.

As you create the center piece, pay attention to the placement of the folds and ensure they are neatly pressed. Taking your time during this step will result in a visually striking center piece for your folded star ornament. Once both fabric squares are folded and secured, you can move on to the exciting step of assembling the star shape.

Step 4: Assembling the Star

Now that you have created the folded center pieces, it’s time to assemble the star shape of your folded star ornament. Follow these steps to complete this exciting step:

  1. Position the center pieces: Place one of the folded center pieces on top of the other, ensuring that the folded edges align and the points of the triangles face outward. This will create a star-like shape.
  2. Hold the center pieces together: Using your fingers or pins, hold the center pieces together at the folded edges to secure them in place temporarily. This will allow you to sew the layers together smoothly.
  3. Begin sewing the layers: Thread your needle with a matching thread and knot the end. Starting at one of the folded edges, carefully sew the layers together using small and discreet stitches. Work your way along the edges, making sure the stitches penetrate all layers of fabric.
  4. Continue sewing all edges: Sew all the edges of the center pieces together, ensuring a tight and secure hold. Take your time and maintain even tension on the thread to create a neat and professional finish.
  5. Tie off and trim excess thread: Once all edges are sewn, tie off the thread with a knot and trim any excess thread for a clean and polished look.

As you assemble the star, make sure the center pieces are securely stitched together to maintain the shape. Take your time and sew with precision to ensure a well-crafted and visually appealing folded star ornament. Once the star shape is assembled, move on to the next step of adding those final touches.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

With the star shape of your folded star ornament assembled, it’s time to add the finishing touches to make it truly shine. Follow these steps to complete this step:

  1. Press the ornament: Use an iron on a low heat setting to gently press the folded fabric of the star ornament. This will help smooth out any wrinkles and create a crisp appearance.
  2. Embellish as desired: This step is optional but allows you to personalize your folded star ornament. You can add beads, sequins, or embroidery threads as decorative accents to enhance its beauty. Get creative and add your own unique touch.
  3. Inspect for any loose threads or imperfections: Take a close look at your folded star ornament and check for any loose threads or small imperfections. Trim any excess threads and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the ornament looks its best.

By adding these finishing touches, you can elevate the folded star ornament and make it a true work of art. The precise ironing, thoughtful embellishments, and careful inspection will result in a stunning final product. Your folded star ornament is almost complete; there’s just one more step left – adding a hanging loop.

Step 6: Adding a Hanging Loop

Adding a hanging loop to your folded star ornament allows you to display it with ease. Follow these steps to create a hanging loop:

  1. Choose a thread or ribbon: Select a thread or ribbon in a color that complements your ornament. A metallic thread or a satin ribbon works well for this purpose.
  2. Measure and cut the thread or ribbon: Determine the desired length for your hanging loop, keeping in mind how and where you plan to display the ornament. Cut the thread or ribbon accordingly.
  3. Create the loop: Take one end of the thread or ribbon and form a loop by bringing it back towards itself. Overlap the ends by about an inch, leaving a loop large enough for easy hanging. Pinch the overlapped area to hold the loop in place.
  4. Sew the loop: Using a needle and thread, stitch the overlapped area of the loop together. Make a few tight and secure stitches to ensure the loop stays in place.
  5. Attach the loop to the ornament: Decide where you want the loop to be positioned on the folded star ornament. Use a needle and thread to sew one end of the loop onto the top center of the ornament. Make sure it is firmly attached.
  6. Test the hanging loop: Gently tug on the hanging loop to ensure it is secure and can support the weight of the ornament. Make any adjustments or reinforce the stitching if necessary.

By adding a hanging loop to your folded star ornament, you can easily hang it on a tree, hook, or display stand. This final step completes the construction of the ornament, and it is now ready to be showcased or gifted to someone special.

Step 7: Variations and Customizations

While the basic folded star ornament is beautiful on its own, you can get creative and customize it to reflect your unique style. Explore these variations and customizations to add your personal touch:

  1. Use different fabric patterns: Instead of using two solid colors, experiment with fabric patterns such as floral prints, polka dots, or stripes. Mix and match patterns to create a visually captivating ornament.
  2. Play with different sizes: Experiment with different sizes of fabric squares to create ornaments of varying dimensions. From small miniatures to larger statement pieces, there’s no limit to the size of your folded star ornaments.
  3. Add layers and texture: Consider incorporating additional layers of fabric or adding textured elements like lace, tulle, or felt to give your ornament a multidimensional look.
  4. Experiment with embellishments: Explore various embellishments such as buttons, beads, sequins, or embroidery threads. Sparkling accents or delicate embroidery can elevate the aesthetics of your folded star ornament.
  5. Combine different shapes: While the folded star shape is classic, you can also experiment with other folded shapes like hearts, diamonds, or flowers. Combine these shapes to create a unique and eye-catching design.
  6. Personalize with monograms or names: Add an extra touch of personalization by embroidering or appliquéing monograms, names, or initials onto the fabric squares. This makes the ornament even more special as a gift or keepsake.

Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with variations and customizations. Let your imagination guide you and create folded star ornaments that truly reflect your style and personality. This step is all about adding that special touch to make your ornaments truly one-of-a-kind.

Step 8: Displaying and Gifting the Ornament

Now that you have completed your folded star ornaments, it’s time to showcase them or share them as thoughtful gifts. Consider the following tips for displaying and gifting your creations:

  1. Showcase on a tree: Hang your folded star ornaments on a Christmas tree or even on a decorative tree branch for a festive and charming display.
  2. Create a garland: String multiple folded star ornaments together to create a beautiful garland. Hang it on a mantel, staircase, or wall to add a touch of elegance to your space.
  3. Adorn gift packages: Attach a folded star ornament to a gift box or use it as a unique gift tag. It will add a personalized and handmade touch to your presents.
  4. Give as individual gifts: Present a folded star ornament in a small gift bag or box, accompanied by a heartfelt note. It makes for a thoughtful and meaningful gift for friends, family, or co-workers.
  5. Decorate a wreath: Incorporate the folded star ornaments into a wreath by attaching them with ribbon or wire. Hang the wreath on your door or use it as a centerpiece for a festive and inviting atmosphere.
  6. Create a tabletop display: Arrange the folded star ornaments in a decorative bowl, on a tray, or on a tiered stand. This allows you to showcase them as a stunning centerpiece or accent piece for a holiday gathering.

Whether you choose to display your folded star ornaments in a traditional manner or get creative with unique presentation ideas, they are sure to bring joy and beauty to any space. Remember, they also make thoughtful and cherished gifts for loved ones, adding a personal touch and a handmade sentiment to any occasion.