Top 15 High Paying Jobs for Freshers in the U.S. [2022]

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Looking for high paying jobs can be a big priority for job hunters, especially for those who are fresh out of college. Landing a good job that pays well can be difficult for fresh grads, though. It can be even more challenging when you’re not up to date with which high paying jobs are worth considering. Fortunately, this list can help you narrow down your choices from the numerous offerings you might find in the job market today.

What Are The Top High Paying Jobs For Freshers In The U.S.?

1. Web Designer

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Although the starting salary for web designers can vary, the typical base salary is relatively high for fresh grads. Web design is a great career to pursue, especially now with more and more companies expanding their online presence. Corporations are placing more efforts into building their brand through online means, what with the Internet providing easy connectivity between people. Thus, there’s now a significantly larger demand for web designers.

A degree in computer science or even marketing can help you on your road to becoming a web designer. However, it will be equally important to build a strong body of work to show potential clients and employers. Your portfolio can be one of your biggest assets when it comes to pursuing a job in web design, so make sure to consistently work on it.

Average Salary: Around $59,000/year for an entry-level position.

2. Actuary

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Actuaries have a large earning potential, even for fresh grads. As one of the high paying jobs worth considering, interested applicants need to ensure they have strong skills in statistics and finance. This is because actuaries are tasked with risk management, particularly with regards to financial consequences. As such, many actuaries work for insurance companies where they are well-compensated for their experience and expertise.

Average Salary: About $79,000/year. There are different types of actuaries, so your area of specialization may dictate the wage you earn for this profession.

3. Financial Analyst

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Financial analysts have the responsibility of analyzing the finances of a business and determining what the best plan of action is based on a business’ financial history. The analysis of such finances can cover a business’ cash flow, investments, and returns. Having a bachelor’s degree in business, finance, or accounting can help you secure a position as a financial analyst that pays handsomely even for new grads. However, having a master’s degree can most definitely help you land a significantly higher salary for this profession.

Average Salary: $66,000/year. Strategic financial analysts can earn up to $97,000, whereas a financial operations analyst may earn a wage of $57,000.

4. Software Developer

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Sometimes known as a software engineer, software developers supervise the development of a computer program. This may entail resolving certain problems that may arise during a program’s development stage and addressing any customer feedback. Depending on the complexity of the project, a software developer may act more as a manager or may be more hands-on with programming.

Interestingly, entry-level software developers have the opportunity to rise up the ranks within a mere couple of years. This can be a great opportunity for fresh grads who are keen on moving onto more senior level positions sooner rather than later.

Additionally, pursuing a job as a software developer will require you to constantly update your skills and learn new techniques along the way. It can be a demanding job, but the benefits can compensate the challenges you might face in this line of work.

Average Salary: Around $70,000 to $84,000 a year.

5. Civil Engineer

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Civil engineers continue to be very in-demand, and with good reason. After all, their skills are valued and utilized everyday in both the public and private sector. They help build, design, and maintain infrastructure projects, whether it be simple roads or more complex structures.

A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering will help you get a foot in the door of this profession, but more leadership roles may be available to those who acquire a master’s degree. Moreover, a job as a civil engineer can entail supervisory or administrative responsibilities. This is on top of changing work environments due to on-site visits.

Average Salary: About $55,000 to $93,000 a year.

6. Mechanical Engineer

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Engineering jobs in general are vast and widely sought out. Mechanical engineering, in particular, is one of the broadest engineering fields out there. That said, fresh grads can opt for a profession as mechanical engineers, as this is one of the high paying jobs that remain to be in high demand. In fact, mechanical engineering is projected to grow by 4% from 2018 to 2028. It’s thus clear that job prospects for mechanical engineers will not see a decline anytime soon.

As is the case with civil engineers, pursuing a job as a mechanical engineer will require a bachelor’s degree in the field at the very least. There’s also a lot of practical and experimental learning when it comes to mechanical engineering. It’s a highly specialized field that calls for both office environments and on-site work.

Average Salary: Around $62,000/year. Some project the average yearly salary of mechanical engineers to go as high as $101,000.

7. Software Engineer

software engineer, software engineering, jobs for freshers
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Though companies may use the titles “software engineer” and “software developer” interchangeably, both positions actually connote different responsibilities. Nevertheless, both are still commendable professions that are also considered some of the high paying jobs that freshers can apply for.

Whereas software developers oversee the development process of a computer program, software engineers take on a more systematic and even scientific approach to the development cycle of a computer program. They must be knowledgeable in not just programming language and analysis, but engineering principles as well. What differentiates a software engineer from a software developer is the former’s application of software engineering in the design and development of computer softwares.

Average Salary: Software engineers usually earn anywhere between $61,000 to $99,000 a year.

8. Aviation Management

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Professionals in the field of aviation management may work in airline company offices or are ground-based at airports. They are responsible for more day-to-day operations. Aviation managers may also handle administrative work, such as budget management, staff scheduling, or employee relations. Furthermore, they ensure an airline company continues to adhere to federal government guidelines regarding labor and safety.

Take note that although aviation management can be rewarding, it also comes with a hefty amount of responsibility. Aviation management professionals are expected to be quick thinkers and must have strong leadership skills. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent profession for fresh grads who are interested in the field of aviation but are not necessarily into the idea of being airborne.

Average Salary: Around $48,000 to $90,000/year.

9. Investment Banker

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Investment banking as a whole is a great field for recent graduates. Besides the fact that it has a very high earning potential, fresh grads have the opportunity to learn useful skills that can be utilized in any profession outside of investment banking. Additionally, it acts as a great starting point for building contacts. As such, it can be a good foundation to broaden your network, whether it be through connecting on LinkedIn or getting your name out in the industry.

All that aside, investment banking is definitely not for the weak-hearted. Those interested in landing a position as an investment banker should expect long hours and intense pressure to keep up, especially when you’re first starting out. Nevertheless, it’s one of the top high paying jobs for freshers out there. So, if you have the drive for such high demands, then investment banking might be a good fit for you.

Average Salary: About $112,000/year.

10. Electrical Engineer

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Electrical engineers are responsible for the design and maintenance of electrical control systems and equipment. They focus on electricity and primarily focus on figuring out how to produce energy for human consumption, as well as how to properly distribute it.

Due to the nature of their jobs, electrical engineers usually work on location. Extensive safety training is expected in the field of electrical engineering, as professionals in this industry deal with large — and sometimes dangerous — amounts of electricity in their line of work.

Average Salary: Around $65,000 to $66,000 annually, though some report a yearly wage as high as $107,000.

11. Statistician

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As the importance of data continues to grow, so too does the demand for statisticians increase. Statistics remains to be a vast and high-paying field. The demand for statisticians is even expected to steadily rise by 33% from 2016 to 2026. Thanks to such a large demand, this profession remains to be an excellent option for qualified fresh grads.

Statisticians are valuable assets to a variety of industries. They can find work both in the private and public sector, whether it be in education, healthcare, or research. As they are responsible for designing surveys and experiments to collect and analyze data, statisticians can play integral roles in improving business policies.

Average Salary: $54,000 to $103,000/year. This range may vary and can be dependent on whether you’re an in-house statistician or a freelance one.

12. Petroleum Engineer

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It’s worth noting that petroleum engineering is heavily dependent on the price of crude oil. Consequently, a decline in sales of petroleum could lead to job losses in this field of engineering. Despite these challenges, petroleum engineering is a job that pays well, making it one of the most sought after professions.

Petroleum engineers can specialize in a variety of areas, ranging from creating drilling plans to polishing drilling procedures for extracting oil from reservoirs. Considering the nature of this job, petroleum engineers can expect to travel frequently to drill sites.

Average Salary: Around $102,000 to $176,000/year.

13. IT Manager

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Information technology is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world today. IT personnel help deliver short- and long-term visions for the company’s technology needs and goals. Some more specific responsibilities include network security, as well as researching other tech projects and negotiating with vendors. Additionally, IT managers must also have excellent supervisory skills, as they may be tasked with overseeing other teams within the IT department of their company.

Average Salary: $52,00o to $89,000/year. Some report an annual wage of around $114,000 as well.

14. Construction Manager

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Construction managers, sometimes known as general contractors or project managers, oversee construction projects from beginning to end. Since buildings — whether they’re residential or commercial — are always being constructed, the demand for construction managers remains high.

Gaining experience while on the job is possible in construction management. However, obtaining a bachelor’s or even master’s degree in a relevant course can help you secure a high paying position in this field with more assurance. It’s also worth noting that construction managers must be knowledgeable in building and safety codes, as well as legal regulations and contract interpretation. They must also possess leadership and management skills.

Average Salary: $54,000 to $89,000/year.

15. Marketing Manager

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Marketing is, without a doubt, a crucial factor in any company’s branding initiatives. It thus goes without saying that marketing managers are key players in a company’s marketing department. Besides overseeing the marketing operations of an organization, marketing managers also lead campaigns and maintain a company’s branding. They are thus up to date with marketing trends and are capable of bringing fresh ideas to the table.

Average Salary: About $62,000 to $147,000 per year.

How To Get a High Paying Job

Certain skills and approaches can improve your chances in landing high paying jobs. Having the privilege of relevant education is already a given. But, besides this pre-requisite, there are other steps you can take to help you secure a high paying job after graduation.

Present Yourself As An Expert In Your Field

To make yourself more marketable to future employers, you’ll need to focus not only on building your brand, but also on showing off your knowledge and expertise in your respective field. Practice public speaking and conduct seminars on subject matters you are knowledgeable in. With the boom of social media and technology, you can even take an innovative approach by creating videos or even podcasts around your professional specialty.

Cultivate Your Leadership Skills

Regardless of which profession you pursue, having leadership skills is a great asset that anyone can benefit from. Having strong leadership skills can help you stand out from the rest. Moreover, possessing qualities as a leader can even open up bigger and better work opportunities for you. So, try to train yourself as a leader instead of a follower. Employers will ultimately value candidates who show strong leadership skills right off the bat.

Take Calculated Risks

You can’t expect to innovate without taking certain risks. The same applies when it comes to improving yourself as a growing professional. Step out of your comfort zone and apply for high paying jobs even when they might seem out of reach. Take failure not as a roadblock but as a stepping stone instead. Learn from these risks and apply your learnings to future endeavors.

Broaden Your Skill Set

One of the best ways to boost your resume is to show you have an arsenal of valuable skills under your belt. Be proactive when it comes to acquiring and developing skills. You can never have too many skills, especially since a diverse skill set can help you stand out as a fresh candidate as well.

Do Your Research

Before you start applying for jobs, create a list of prospective companies you would like to work for and research on the financial health and stability of each company. The better they do financially, the more likely they are to pay employees well. This is helpful if you are particular about high paying jobs and which to apply for.


The job market can be cutthroat and competitive, but if you come in prepared, then you have a better chance when it comes to landing a good job as a fresh graduate. It should be said that although high paying jobs may seem appealing, they also come with their own sets of challenges and hardships. Sometimes, jobs that pay well may even present themselves much later down the road, so don’t be disheartened. With the right set of skills — and mindset, at that — you’re bound to find a good job that checks off all your personal and professional requirements. Good luck!