How To Get Komasan In Yokai Watch 2


What is Komasan?

Komasan is a loveable character in the popular video game series, Yokai Watch 2. He is a Yokai, a spirit creature from Japanese folklore, who takes the form of a cute little blue and white lion cub. With his endearing personality and desire to learn about the modern world, Komasan has quickly become a fan favorite among players of the game.

As a Yokai, Komasan possesses special abilities and powers that make him a valuable asset in battles. His primary role is that of a healer, using his restorative powers to support his teammates and keep them in fighting shape. However, Komasan is not limited to just healing; he also has a few offensive moves up his sleeve to help in combat situations.

In addition to his unique abilities, Komasan is known for his adorable demeanor and his loyalty. He is always eager to help those in need and has a strong sense of justice. This makes him a well-rounded character and a valuable addition to any Yokai Watch 2 team.

As you progress through the game, you will encounter various challenges and battles that require the assistance of different Yokai. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each Yokai, including Komasan, is crucial to succeeding in the game.

Now that you have a better understanding of who Komasan is, let’s explore where you can find him and how to befriend him in Yokai Watch 2.

Where to Find Komasan

In Yokai Watch 2, Komasan can be found in various locations throughout the game. Here are some of the places where you can encounter this adorable lion cub Yokai:

  • Uptown Springdale: One of the earliest locations where you can find Komasan is in Uptown Springdale. Look for him near the trees around the residential area. He is more likely to appear during the daytime, so make sure to keep an eye out for him.
  • Blossom Heights: Another area where Komasan can be found is Blossom Heights. Search for him near the park or roaming around the shops. He has a higher chance of appearing during the evening, so be sure to check during that time.
  • Breezy Hills: In Breezy Hills, Komasan can be spotted near the riverbanks or wandering around the playground. Keep in mind that he tends to show up more frequently during the nighttime in this area.
  • Downtown Springdale: As you progress further into the game, you will unlock Downtown Springdale. Look for Komasan near the central park or the shopping district. He is more active during the daytime in this bustling area.

These are just a few of the many locations where you can find Komasan in Yokai Watch 2. Keep exploring different areas, talk to characters, and interact with the environment to increase your chances of encountering this lovable lion cub.

Once you’ve located Komasan, the next step is to befriend him. Stay tuned to the next section to find out how!

How to Befriend Komasan

Befriending Komasan in Yokai Watch 2 may require some effort, but the rewards are definitely worth it. Here are a few steps to increase your chances of befriending this adorable lion cub Yokai:

  • Speak to Komasan: When you come across Komasan in the game, initiate a conversation with him by pressing the interact button. This will trigger a dialogue between your character and Komasan. Be sure to pay attention to his responses as they may provide clues on how to befriend him.
  • Complete Komasan’s Requests: Komasan may have specific requests or problems that he needs help with. Completing these requests will not only deepen your relationship with him but also contribute to his overall happiness. Keep an eye out for any icons or indicators that signal Komasan’s requests and make it a priority to assist him.
  • Give Komasan Favorite Foods: Like many Yokai, Komasan has his preferred types of food. To enhance your chances of befriending him, try feeding him his favorite snacks or meals. Experiment with different food items and observe his reaction. When you find the food that he enjoys the most, keep offering it to him. This will make him more inclined to join your team.
  • Battle and Befriend: Engaging in battles with Komasan can also increase your friendship level with him. During battles, try to defeat Komasan’s opponents without causing him any harm. Show him that you are a capable and caring teammate. The more battles you participate in together, the stronger your bond will become.
  • Use Yokai Watch Skills: In Yokai Watch 2, your character possesses special abilities called Yokai Watch Skills. Some of these skills can directly influence your chances of befriending Yokai, including Komasan. Make use of these skills during encounters with Komasan to improve your odds of becoming friends.

By following these steps and being patient, you will increase your chances of befriending Komasan in Yokai Watch 2. Once he becomes your friend, you can utilize his unique abilities and enjoy his delightful company in your adventures.

Leveling Up Komasan

As you progress through Yokai Watch 2, it’s important to focus on leveling up your Yokai, including Komasan. By leveling up Komasan, you can unlock new abilities, increase his stats, and enhance his overall performance in battles. Here are a few strategies to help you level up Komasan effectively:

  • Engage in Battles: The most straightforward way to level up Komasan is by participating in battles. Whenever you encounter enemy Yokai, make sure to have Komasan in your active team. This will allow him to gain experience points (EXP) from each battle and level up as a result. The more battles you engage in, the faster Komasan will progress.
  • Use Training Items: In Yokai Watch 2, there are training items that can expedite the leveling process for your Yokai. These items, such as Level-Up Souvenirs, provide a significant boost to EXP gain. Use these items strategically by giving them to Komasan before battles or when you want to focus on leveling him up.
  • Complete Quests and Side Missions: Throughout the game, you will come across various quests and side missions. Completing these tasks not only rewards you with valuable items but also grants EXP to your Yokai. Keep an eye out for quests that specifically focus on leveling up Yokai, as they can be a great way to boost Komasan’s experience.
  • Utilize the Training Room: In some versions of Yokai Watch 2, there is a Training Room feature available. The Training Room allows you to select specific Yokai, including Komasan, and allocate points to enhance their attributes. Take advantage of this feature to customize Komasan’s growth and maximize his potential in battles.
  • Keep Komasan in Your Active Team: To ensure consistent leveling for Komasan, make it a point to have him in your active team whenever possible. This will allow him to participate in battles and gain experience alongside the rest of your Yokai. Switch him out occasionally to give other Yokai a chance to level up, but prioritize Komasan’s growth.

By implementing these strategies and being consistent in your efforts, you will see Komasan’s level steadily rise. This will not only make him more effective in battles but also unlock new abilities and strengthen his overall performance.

Komasan’s Moveset

Komasan, the adorable lion cub Yokai in Yokai Watch 2, has a versatile moveset that makes him a valuable asset in battles. Understanding his moves and their effects will allow you to strategize effectively and maximize his potential. Here are some of Komasan’s key moves:

  • Buff: This move increases Komasan’s defense and resistance, making him more durable in battles. It’s useful when facing opponents with strong attacks or status-inflicting moves.
  • Purify: Komasan uses his restorative powers to purify any negative status effects or ailments on himself or his allies. This move is essential for keeping your team in top shape during battles.
  • Tackle: A basic physical attack, Tackle deals moderate damage to a single enemy. It’s a reliable move for dealing damage and should be used when facing opponents with no specific weaknesses or resistances.
  • Blizzard: Komasan unleashes a blizzard to attack all enemies. This move is particularly effective against opponents weak to ice-based attacks, dealing significant damage and potentially freezing them.
  • Healing Whistle: Komasan plays a healing tune on his whistle, restoring HP to himself and his allies. This move is crucial for recovering health and sustaining your team throughout battles.
  • Ice Stat: Komasan focuses his energy to increase his speed and critical hit rate. This move enhances Komasan’s offensive capabilities, allowing him to deal more damage and potentially land critical hits.

Using these moves strategically is key to harnessing Komasan’s full potential. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of your opponents, as well as the needs of your team, when choosing which moves to utilize. Additionally, pay attention to Komasan’s Soultimate Move, a powerful move that can turn the tide of battle when used at the right moment.

Remember to level up Komasan and unlock new moves and Soultimate Moves as you progress through the game. Experiment with different combinations and strategies to find the ones that work best for your playstyle. With his versatile moveset, Komasan can be a formidable force in Yokai Watch 2 battles.

Strategy Tips for Using Komasan

Komasan, the lovable lion cub Yokai in Yokai Watch 2, can be a valuable member of your team when used strategically. Here are some tips to optimize your gameplay when utilizing Komasan:

  • Focus on Support: As a primarily supportive Yokai, Komasan excels in healing and purifying. Make sure to prioritize using his healing moves, such as Purify and Healing Whistle, to keep your team’s HP topped up and to remove any negative status effects.
  • Coordinate with Other Yokai: Komasan’s abilities synergize well with other Yokai. Coordinate his healing moves with defensive Yokai or those who can protect him from harm. Additionally, his ice-based moves, such as Blizzard, can work in tandem with Yokai who have moves that exploit frozen enemies.
  • Consider the Enemy’s Weaknesses: Before engaging in battles, study the weaknesses of your opponents. Komasan’s Blizzard move is particularly effective against enemies weak to ice attacks. Exploit these weaknesses to deal massive damage and gain the upper hand.
  • Timing is Key: Komasan’s Soultimate Move can turn the tide of battle. Save it for critical moments when you need a powerful attack or for emergencies when your team is in dire need of healing. Timing it right can give you a significant advantage in challenging battles.
  • Level Up and Evolve: Invest time in leveling up Komasan to increase his stats and unlock additional moves. As he levels up, he will become more resilient and his moves will become more potent. Additionally, consider evolving Komasan into his evolved forms, such as Komane or Komajiro, when the opportunity arises for even greater power.
  • Experiment with Team Combinations: Don’t be afraid to try different team compositions and experiment with different Yokai. Pair Komasan with Yokai who complement his abilities or cover his weaknesses. Finding the right team synergy can greatly enhance Komasan’s effectiveness in battles.

By implementing these strategies, you can fully leverage Komasan’s abilities and maximize his potential on your Yokai Watch 2 team. Remember to adapt your tactics depending on the situation, and don’t be afraid to try new strategies as you progress through the game. Komasan’s supportive nature and versatile moveset make him a valuable asset in your quest to become a Yokai Master.

Komasan’s Medals and Soultimate Moves

In Yokai Watch 2, each Yokai has its own unique Medals and Soultimate Moves that can be unlocked and utilized in battles. Let’s take a look at Komasan’s Medals and the powerful Soultimate Moves he can unleash:

Komasan’s Medals:

1. Komasan Medal: This is the basic Medal for Komasan. It represents his character and can be used to summon him into battle.

2. Komane Medal: This Medal represents Komasan’s evolved form, Komane. It possesses enhanced abilities and can be obtained through leveling up Komasan.

3. Komajiro Medal: Another evolution of Komasan, Komajiro, has its own Medal. This Medal can be acquired when Komasan reaches a certain level.

4. Komasan S Medal: The Komasan S Medal is an upgraded version of the Komasan Medal. It grants Komasan additional powers and boosts his overall performance in battles.

Komasan’s Soultimate Moves:

1. Gutsy Spirit: This is Komasan’s initial Soultimate Move. It boosts the stats of all allies, increasing their attack power and defense for a limited time.

2. Frostbitten Tackle: In this Soultimate Move, Komasan charges forward with a freezing tackle, dealing heavy damage to a single enemy and potentially freezing them.

3. Lionheart: This Soultimate Move combines Komasan’s courage and strength to unleash a powerful roar, damaging all enemies in its radius and lowering their defenses.

4. Icicle Spear: Komasan summons a barrage of icicles to rain down on the enemies, dealing massive ice-based damage to multiple foes.

Unlocking and upgrading Komasan’s Medals will enhance his abilities, while his Soultimate Moves provide powerful attacks and support effects that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Experiment with different Medals and Soultimate Moves to find the combinations that best suit your playstyle and the challenges you’ll face in the game.

Remember to level up Komasan and evolve him into his stronger forms to unlock additional Medals and Soultimate Moves. Utilizing his Medals and unleashing his Soultimate Moves strategically will make Komasan an indispensable asset on your journey to becoming a Yokai Master in Yokai Watch 2.