BLACKPINK Comeback 2022: Was Pink Venom Worth the Wait?

Members of Blackpink for their comeback song Pink Venom

If you are one of those wondering whether Blackpink is still together – well, the answer is a definite yes!

After 2 years of hiatus, BlackPink, the hottest K-pop girl group, is finally back with a new comeback song Pink Venom. It is not news that every Blackpink comeback takes the world into a frenzy – and this comeback certainly proves it. Within the first 24 hours, the girls have broken several records such as “most viewed clip in 2022” and “most liked clip of 2022”. Many global fans are really loving this title track from their new album, Born Pink. Some have even stated that this might even be one of the best Blackpink comebacks ever. 

Some Blinks Prefer Pink Venom Over How You Like That

Since their debut, the South Korean girl group has developed a sound that is uniquely their own. This edgy girl crush style is still apparent in this Blackpink comeback. The song still has the same structure as their other title tracks such as DDU DDU, How You Like That (HYLT), Kill This Love, and Lovesick Girls. However, Pink Venom is distinctly more stripped back– but this is exactly why it has quickly become a fan favorite. The song goes hard in all the right places but also switches to a softer version of itself— reminding listeners of the duality that is unique to Blackpink. 

Blinks are falling head over heels for the oriental instrument, the Geomungo (black zither) that has been given a more prominent place in the song. Bringing it back was a genius move on the part of the producer, Teddy. The string instrument matched the song’s beats and also held its own as the main sound in the chorus. 

blackpink pink venom music video
Screenshot from Blacpink’s Pink Venom Music Video

This is not the first time a traditional instrument was used in their songs, though. HYLT also featured a similar accompaniment, though Pink Venom is definitely the better track. Pink Venom was also released right after Blackpink’s 6th anniversary (Aug 8), which fans consider a smart move by YG Entertainment. It is a fitting tribute to all they have gone through.

Is Pink Venom a Response Song to Haters?

And just like HYLT, “Pink Venom” carries the same messages of self-confidence and female empowerment but is paired with much bolder lyrics – “Provoke us if you want” and “I’ll bring the pain like” alludes to the girls being even more dangerous than ever. Perhaps a subtle message to haters that Blackpink is the pink venom – sweet but deadly, and would retaliate if provoked. (YAS Kweens!)

Expensive Visuals and a Clever Choreography

Concept-wise, Pink Venom might be the most solid showcase of the group’s black and pink sides. This Blackpink comeback showed off darker and more sensual visuals, without losing that hip-hop vibes they are known for. Even the lyrics reflect the next era of the girl group, talking about themselves as a “flower with venom” and a “beauty that is brutal”, provoking listeners while also inviting us to taste the “pink venom”. 

Our only gripe is that the music video could have been much better. Blackpink always serves us quality production and high fashion, but this one feels like we have seen everything before. Some Blinks suggest that they are simply self-referencing. This could very well be the case, but it could have been done in a more subtle way. 

There’s also an obvious lack of “venom” in the music video. The only two we can think of are Jisoo’s arachnid throne and Rose’s dark water scenes, whose shots also featured a tar-like substance dripping down her hands. Out of the four of them, the styling and set design for Jisoo and Rose were the closest we got to poisonous or dangerous imagery. While the girls all rocked different types of aesthetics, our favorite was Rose’s rocker chic fit. It looked straight out of a YSL ad and was simply badass! 


As for the choreography, Jennie summed it up best by saying that it was the “most conceptual and fun” out of all their songs. We totally agree! 

The addictive chorus was given an equally catchy dance move that is already showing major viral potential. We wouldn’t be surprised if Pink Venom quickly trends among TikTok song and dance challenges, given that the #PinkVenomChallenge is already trending on YouTube Shorts.


Fans Still Demand Better Line Distributions for Every Blackpink Comeback

Despite the commercial success of the song, fans are still requesting that YG employ more fairness to the line distributions. The controversy when it comes to line distribution has been around for years now. Fans want each member to be given equal amounts of solo time in each Blackpink comeback. Despite this, articles have shown that Jennie (56 seconds) and Lisa (~50 seconds) are still getting most of the lines.

Though the line distribution for this comeback song isn’t as equal as fans would like, many think the members of Blackpink were given the right parts that allowed them to shine. Jisoo and Rose’s showed off grittier vocals, which is a refreshing break usual sound. It also gave their parts more depth, perfect for the concept. As for the group’s rappers, even the SoKor hip-hop community agrees that in this Blackpink comeback, Jennie and Lisa’s verses were absolute fire! From their rhythm and flow to enunciation, both queens clearly understood their assignment. If anything, Pink Venom really proved that Jennie and Lisa’s rapping prowess are just getting better over the years.  


Did Pink Venom Plagiarize Rihanna?

If you’re among those who feel as if you’ve heard parts of Pink Venom before, you’re not entirely wrong. This Blackpink comeback track sampled Rihanna’s “Pon de Replay” and interpolated a lyric from the same song. These aren’t the only clever references you’ll find in the song, though. Swifties will also get a kick out of Rose’s “Look what you made us do” line. Many believe this is a reference to one of Taylor Swift’s songs. So did Blackpink plagiarize? Well,  nothing is set and stone but theories buzzing through the Internet. Thus, we have no comments.


Was Pink Venom Worth the Wait?

After two years and constantly wondering “What happened to Blackpink?”, I would have to say that it is well worth it. This Blackpink comeback delivered as expected, though it also fell short on certain aspects. If you’re expecting the same EDM sound that was prominent in their previous comeback songs, then you might end up disappointed. The chorus was a tad of a letdown because it was a bit too bare for our liking. However, Blinks have proven it to be the most addictive part of the song. Simple yet effective choruses just might just be producer Teddy Park’s trademark. 

Overall, Pink Venom is pretty formulaic for the group while also showing their growth as artists. It has definitely earned its place in everyone’s Blackpink playlist.