K-Pop Stars Showcase Their Cute And Spooky Halloween Costumes Throughout The Years


Nobody does Halloween quite like K-pop stars. Each year, they put their creative costumes on display, delighting their fans with their unique and imaginative outfits. From BLACKPINK to Stray Kids, let’s take a look at some of the best Halloween costumes worn by our favorite K-pop idols over the years.

Key Takeaway

K-pop stars go all-out when it comes to Halloween costumes, showcasing their creativity, style, and dedication to entertaining their fans. From BLACKPINK’s stunning outfits to Stray Kids’ attention to detail, each idol brings their own unique flair to Halloween. These costumes not only demonstrate the fun-loving nature of K-pop stars but also serve as a source of inspiration for fans around the world.

BLACKPINK’s Stylish Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, BLACKPINK knows how to make a statement. Jennie, one of the members of the group, once rocked a custom “Nini” sailor outfit that showcased her impeccable style and creativity. Rosé, on the other hand, transformed into a nerdy “student of the month,” proving that even Halloween costumes can be cute and intellectual.

But it’s not just the individual members who shine. Jisoo and Lisa, two other members of BLACKPINK, once teamed up for an impromptu photo shoot. Jisoo dressed up as her fellow groupmate’s “LALISA” cover look, while Lisa chose to become the eerie “Red Light, Green Light” doll from the popular show Squid Game. Their Halloween costumes perfectly captured their distinct personalities and added an extra layer of excitement for fans.

Other Notable Halloween Costumes

While the members of BLACKPINK certainly stand out, they are not the only ones who know how to rock Halloween. Kevin from The Boyz embraced his dark side and dressed up as the creepy Cruella, showcasing his ability to pull off both sinister and stylish. Hyunjin from Stray Kids, on the other hand, opted for a Harry Potter-themed costume that could make even Draco Malfoy jealous. The attention to detail truly made him look like he walked straight out of the wizarding world.

Giselle from Aespa and I.N. from Stray Kids also showed off their love for Harley Quinn, both putting their unique twists on the iconic character. Their costumes perfectly captured the playful yet sinister essence of Harley Quinn and showcased their dedication to their Halloween looks.

Disney-themed costumes also proved to be a hit among K-pop stars. (G)I-dle’s Miyeon transformed into the perfect Snow White, capturing the innocence and charm of the beloved princess. Karina from Aespa, on the other hand, chose the Queen of Hearts from “Alice in Wonderland,” embodying the whimsy and eccentricity of the character. And who could forget Felix from Stray Kids, who donned a Mickey Mouse costume with a Disney-fied twist as Elsa from “Frozen.” His playful take on the character surely left fans wanting more.