Top Tips to Efficiently Mix Business Travel with Pleasure

Mixing business and pleasure sounds like a challenge. When you travel for business purposes, you want to focus on your work as much as possible, and that’s what you’re supposed to do. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy some free time in your destination, especially if you go to an exotic place with numerous opportunities for relaxation. 

But how can you mix business travel with pleasure efficiently? How can you make sure that you do the work you’re supposed to do and still enjoy your trip without neglecting your responsibilities? Here are some tips that will ensure you make the best of it. 


Don’t Lock Yourself in Your Hotel Room


You may think that you have to remain in your hotel room, staring out the window while you’re working and looking at all those who are able to have fun. But you don’t have to stay in your hotel. In fact, many travel destinations have locations that are suitable for those who work remotely. 

You can work in a plaza, café, or just any place with a stable Wi-Fi connection. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy local life and work simultaneously. 


Take Your Family with You


Even though you’re on a business trip, this is an opportunity for you to spend some time with your family and offer your loved ones the chance to see a beautiful location. Now, it’s important to plan accordingly for this trip. Inform your family that you’ll be busy a few hours a day. Also, make sure that the hotel you’re staying in offers fun services for both adults and children.


Make Proper Plans


Plan for your trip in advance. This includes planning your work schedule so that you can take care of your responsibilities and have fun. For instance, you do not have to do the 9-5 schedule. If you’re able to plan your obligations so that you meet all of them sooner, you’ll have more free time at the end of the day for relaxation. 

Also, there may be different working customs where you’re going, meaning they might allow you to work and explore the destination as well.


Consider a Convention at the Perfect Destination


Some workplaces allow you to pick the conferences you can go to. In this case, you may be able to choose a heavenly location. That being said, if you are interested in a particular business expertise or topic, look for the available conference destination options of the year. 

In case you cannot choose your business trip destination, consider the services and activities that your hotel offers. 


Take Advantage of Your Connections


When you travel to a new place for your business, chances are that you will interact with local clients or with locals from the company. This allows you to get information from them regarding what you can do that fits your schedule. Ask them where you can go for fun or what restaurants are available in the area. 

You may even have family members or friends who live in this area, so you can ask them for additional tips. 


Don’t Hesitate to Use Fitness Facilities


Many hotels allow you to work out or spend some time at the pool. Traveling for business can be quite stressful, so why not take advantage of what the hotel has to offer? 

Exercising releases endorphins, which can help your mood tremendously. Since you may already feel stressed out due to your work responsibilities, working out will allow you to release some tension. Plan your new workout routine according to your available time. 


Plan for Vacation Days


Depending on how many days you’ll be traveling, you might have enough free time to plan for a full day of exploration. You may rearrange your workload, so you finish everything you have to do earlier, allowing you to take a day off. 

So, if you’ll be there for 3 days, you may be able to focus on work for the first two days, then relax and explore on the third. You could also work day 1 and day 3, leaving day 2 for entertainment.

Final Thoughts

As long as you can plan your business trip accordingly, you’ll be able to mix travel and pleasure. However, employment law attorneys say that it’s important to make sure you don’t work overtime – especially if you’re not paid for overtime work. Just ensure you do your job on time so that you can enjoy the rest of the time exploring the surroundings.