Can You Make Money With Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the process of creating a pipeline of high-quality prospects. It’s a system that not only captures contact information. It also offers valuable content. Therefore, it is no wonder that the lead generation market has exploded in recent years.


Shifting from sales and marketing, the market now encourages senior decision-makers and other departments to contribute. Despite all the hype, lead generation is not new. Marketing agencies have been writing press releases and publishing white papers for decades. Still, there’s a fundamental shift that is taking place with clients expecting more than just a pretty news release.


Too often, companies and agencies have relied on “spray and pray” outreach campaigns. This results in millions of dollars in wasted expenses spent trying to reach the wrong prospects. Many companies have grown tired of this approach and are seeking new ways to generate quality leads that will turn into customers. In order to make money in this, you need to know what you’re doing and have a strategy for success. Here are some tips on how to make money with b2b lead generation.


1. Know Your Market

First, you have to decide which b2b industries and verticals are most important to your target audience. Research your prospects and their buying patterns to determine the type of companies they work for, their typical purchasing habits, and how they use the Internet to research information. This gives you an idea of which industries and verticals offer the best opportunity for lead generation success. It also tells you what types of companies you want to cater to. For example, if your audience consists mainly of small businesses and startups, you should focus on lead-generation campaigns offering online resources. If your audience comprises enterprise-level decision-makers, you may want to tailor your campaigns toward providing whitepapers and eBooks.


2. Know When To Sell

Marketers often need to learn when the best time to sell is. Many believe that people are just as willing to buy products and services at any point during their buying process, but that isn’t always true. For example, a prospect interested in learning about your products might visit your site on a Monday morning and decide against purchasing anything until they learn more about the market, competition, and so forth. On the other hand, a prospect looking to solve a problem might visit your site during a time of day when they have the intention of signing up immediately. The key to making money with b2b lead generation is catering your messages, offers, and campaigns to people at all stages of the buying cycle.


3. Know What You Have To Offer

Most businesses are too hesitant to offer something valuable in exchange for their prospects’ contact information. Many companies will get hung up on the “lead” and “buying process” parts of lead generation and never realize they can actually sell while giving away valuable content without feeling like they are losing an opportunity to make money. You need to figure out what you can offer prospects before they become a lead. Take advantage of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to see how many people are talking about your industry and brand.


Create a quick affiliate link or button that you can post on your website as a way to share information about your products, services, or news with interested prospects, then ask for their contact information to do so. People will appreciate the gesture and reward you for sharing valuable content with them.



The b2b lead generation market is open for new companies, and there are still plenty of opportunities to make money. For example, companies focusing on content distribution and automated systems can offer valuable services to companies looking to optimize their sales funnel and attract high-quality leads. There is room in the industry for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to make money with b2b lead generation.