Logitech MX Ergo Plus Review: Stay Productive Without Lifting A Finger


Ergonomic Design

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus is ergonomically designed to provide the utmost comfort and reduce strain on your wrist and hand. Its unique shape and adjustable positioning aim to keep your hand and arm in a more neutral position, preventing the development of discomfort or injuries often associated with prolonged computer use.

The trackball is conveniently positioned on the top, allowing for effortless navigation without the need to move your arm or wrist. This eliminates the repetitive motion that can cause strain and fatigue during long hours of work.

The device also features a sloping design that tilts the trackball at a comfortable angle, further enhancing the ergonomic experience. This tilted position encourages a more natural hand and arm position, making it easier to operate the trackball with precision and ease.

Furthermore, the shape of the MX Ergo Plus fits perfectly in the hand, providing a secure grip and reducing the risk of accidental dropping or slipping. The smooth surface and well-placed buttons allow for effortless control and navigation.

Logitech has gone the extra mile in ensuring user comfort by including a detachable magnetic wrist rest with the MX Ergo Plus. This wrist rest provides additional support and cushioning, allowing your wrist to rest in a comfortable position while using the trackball.

With its ergonomic design, the Logitech MX Ergo Plus is a valuable addition to any workspace. Whether you are a professional working long hours, a designer navigating through intricate projects, or a gamer looking for precise control, this trackball offers a comfortable and convenient solution to enhance your productivity.

Adjustable Angle

One of the standout features of the Logitech MX Ergo Plus is its ability to adjust the trackball angle. This adjustable angle allows you to find the optimal position that suits your individual needs and preferences.

The MX Ergo Plus offers a range of angle adjustments, allowing you to tilt the trackball anywhere from 0 to 20 degrees. This flexibility enables you to customize the angle based on your hand and wrist position, providing optimal comfort and reducing strain.

By adjusting the angle, you can find the most natural and comfortable position that promotes smooth and effortless navigation. This adaptability is particularly beneficial for individuals with specific ergonomic requirements or those who experience discomfort when using standard pointing devices.

Whether you prefer a more flat angle or a steeper incline, the MX Ergo Plus has got you covered. You can experiment with different angles to find the one that feels the most comfortable and allows for precise control.

Not only does the adjustable angle feature enhance comfort, but it also improves accuracy and productivity. Finding the optimal angle can make a significant difference in your working experience, as it allows for more precise tracking and seamless control of the cursor.

Overall, the adjustable angle feature of the Logitech MX Ergo Plus sets it apart from traditional trackballs and adds another dimension of customization and comfort to your work or gaming setup. With the ability to fine-tune the angle to your liking, you can enjoy a personalized and ergonomic experience that maximizes productivity and reduces strain on your hand and wrist.

Trackball Precision

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus is equipped with a highly accurate and responsive trackball, offering exceptional precision and control. Whether you’re editing a document, designing graphics, or navigating through web pages, this trackball ensures smooth and accurate cursor movement.

The trackball is designed to deliver precise tracking on different surfaces, ranging from smooth desks to textured mouse pads. This allows you to work with confidence, knowing that the trackball will accurately translate your movements into on-screen actions.

Unlike traditional mice that require constant movement across a surface, the MX Ergo Plus’s stationary trackball eliminates the need for a large mousing area. This can be particularly beneficial when working in limited spaces or when using the trackball on-the-go.

The trackball also provides adjustable cursor speed, allowing you to customize the sensitivity based on your preferences and specific tasks. Whether you require a slower speed for precise editing or a faster speed for quick navigation, the MX Ergo Plus can be easily tailored to meet your needs.

In addition, the trackball’s smooth operation, combined with high precision, reduces the likelihood of cursor drift or jitter. This enables you to maintain accuracy even during intricate tasks that require fine control.

The MX Ergo Plus trackball incorporates advanced optical tracking technology, ensuring optimal performance and minimal lag. This precise tracking makes it a reliable tool for professionals, graphic designers, and gamers who demand precision and responsiveness from their pointing device.

Overall, the trackball precision of the Logitech MX Ergo Plus sets it apart as a versatile and reliable input device. Whether you’re navigating through detailed spreadsheets, editing photos, or engaging in intense gaming sessions, this trackball offers the accuracy and control you need to stay productive and efficient.

Customizable Buttons

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus features a range of customizable buttons, allowing you to personalize and streamline your workflow. These programmable buttons provide convenient shortcuts and quick access to frequently used functions, enhancing productivity and efficiency.

The trackball is equipped with eight buttons, including the standard left and right click buttons. These buttons are intelligently placed within easy reach, ensuring seamless and comfortable operation.

With the help of Logitech Options software, you can assign a variety of functions to each button and create custom profiles for different applications. Whether you want to assign a specific keystroke, launch a program, or execute complex macros, the MX Ergo Plus enables you to tailor the button assignments to your specific needs.

This level of customization allows you to perform tasks more efficiently, saving time and minimizing the need for repetitive clicking or keyboard shortcuts. You can have specific buttons dedicated to navigating between tabs in your browser, controlling media playback, or even controlling volume levels.

The possibility to customize the buttons also makes the MX Ergo Plus adaptable to different tasks and user preferences. Whether you’re a designer, gamer, or office worker, the ability to assign functions to the buttons that suit your particular needs can greatly enhance your workflow.

Customizable buttons can also contribute to ergonomics, as they reduce strain on your hand and wrist by eliminating the need for repetitive movements or awkward finger positions. You can assign commonly used functions to the buttons that are within easy reach, minimizing unnecessary stretching or flexing.

In essence, the customizable buttons of the Logitech MX Ergo Plus offer a level of versatility and personalization that enhances both convenience and productivity. By tailoring the button assignments to your specific needs and workflows, you can optimize your efficiency and make the most out of your trackball experience.

Dual Connectivity

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus offers dual connectivity options, allowing you to connect it to your computer or device using either Bluetooth or the included USB receiver. This flexibility provides seamless connectivity, ensuring that you can use the trackball with a wide range of devices.

Bluetooth connectivity enables you to connect the MX Ergo Plus wirelessly to your computer, laptop, or tablet without the need for any additional dongles or cables. Simply pair the trackball with your device, and you’re ready to go. This wireless connection provides freedom of movement and eliminates the clutter of wires on your desk.

On the other hand, the included USB receiver offers a reliable and secure connection for devices without Bluetooth capabilities. This small receiver can be easily plugged into a USB port on your computer, ensuring a stable connection between the MX Ergo Plus and your device.

The dual connectivity feature of the MX Ergo Plus allows for seamless switching between devices. You can effortlessly switch the trackball’s connection between multiple devices, such as a desktop computer and a laptop, without the need to re-pair or reconnect. This makes it convenient for users who work with multiple devices or need to switch between devices frequently.

Furthermore, the dual connectivity options ensure compatibility with a variety of operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. This means that you can use the MX Ergo Plus with different devices and platforms, making it a versatile and adaptable trackball for various setups.

Whether you prefer a wireless Bluetooth connection or the reliability of a USB receiver, the MX Ergo Plus provides the flexibility to choose whichever connectivity option suits your needs. This dual connectivity feature enhances the usability and compatibility of the trackball, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free user experience.

Easy-Switch Technology

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus features Easy-Switch technology, which allows you to seamlessly switch between multiple devices with the touch of a button. This convenient feature eliminates the need for manual pairing or re-pairing, making it effortless to switch between different devices.

With Easy-Switch technology, you can connect the MX Ergo Plus to up to two devices simultaneously. This means you can have the trackball connected to your computer and smartphone, for example, and switch between them without any hassle.

The trackball is equipped with a dedicated button that allows you to toggle between the connected devices instantly. With just a simple press of the button, you can switch from controlling your computer cursor to navigating your smartphone’s screen, providing a seamless multitasking experience.

This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who work with multiple devices or need to switch between devices frequently throughout the day. Whether you’re replying to emails on your computer or messaging on your phone, the MX Ergo Plus makes it easy to transition between tasks without missing a beat.

In addition to the convenience of switching devices, Easy-Switch technology also ensures that the trackball maintains a stable and reliable connection to each device. This eliminates the need for constant re-pairing and provides a consistent and uninterrupted experience.

Easy-Switch technology is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, macOS, and Chrome OS. This ensures seamless connectivity and switchability across different platforms, making the MX Ergo Plus a versatile option for users who work with a mix of devices.

Overall, Easy-Switch technology is a standout feature of the Logitech MX Ergo Plus that greatly enhances productivity and convenience. With the ability to effortlessly switch between devices, you can streamline your workflow and save valuable time and effort.

Long Battery Life

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus boasts an impressive battery life that ensures uninterrupted usage throughout your workday or gaming sessions. With its long-lasting battery, you can rely on the trackball to keep you productive without constantly worrying about recharging.

The MX Ergo Plus is powered by a rechargeable battery, eliminating the need for disposable batteries. This not only reduces waste but also provides cost savings in the long run.

The trackball’s battery life can vary depending on usage and settings, but on average, it can last up to several months on a single charge. Even for heavy users, the battery life is typically extended, providing weeks of uninterrupted use before needing to recharge.

Thanks to the power-efficient design of the MX Ergo Plus, you can confidently use the trackball for extended periods without the fear of running out of battery. This is especially beneficial for professionals, designers, or gamers who rely heavily on their pointing device and need it to last throughout their work or gaming sessions.

When it comes time to recharge the trackball, the process is quick and convenient. Simply connect the MX Ergo Plus to your computer or a USB power source using the included charging cable, and it will recharge in no time. The trackball also has a LED indicator that informs you of the battery level, ensuring you are always aware of when it needs to be recharged.

Overall, the MX Ergo Plus’s long battery life is a significant advantage, providing the reliability and convenience of extended usage without frequent recharging. It gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on your work or gaming tasks without the interruption of a dying battery.

Fast Recharge

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus not only offers a long battery life but also provides a fast recharge feature, ensuring that you can quickly get back to using the trackball when the battery runs low. This convenient feature minimizes downtime and ensures that you can stay productive without waiting for a lengthy recharge.

When it’s time to recharge the trackball, simply connect it to your computer or a USB power source using the included charging cable. The MX Ergo Plus is designed to recharge rapidly, allowing you to get back to work or gaming in no time.

The precise recharge time can vary depending on the remaining battery level, but on average, the MX Ergo Plus can fully recharge within a couple of hours. This allows you to plug in the trackball during a break or overnight and have it ready to use when you need it most.

The fast recharge feature is particularly beneficial for individuals who use the trackball for extended periods and rely on it for continuous productivity. Instead of waiting for a slow recharge, the MX Ergo Plus allows you to quickly top up the battery and get back to work without any major interruptions.

In addition, the trackball has a built-in LED indicator that informs you of the battery level, so you can proactively plan your recharging. The LED indicator will let you know when the battery is running low, ensuring that you’re aware of when it’s time to recharge and avoiding any unexpected power outages during critical tasks.

Overall, the fast recharge feature of the MX Ergo Plus is a valuable convenience that complements its long battery life. With its rapid recharge capability, you can trust that you won’t have to wait long to get the trackball back up and running, allowing you to seamlessly continue with your work or gaming activities.

Logitech Options Software

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus is accompanied by the powerful Logitech Options software, which enhances the functionality and customization possibilities of the trackball. This user-friendly software allows you to fine-tune the settings, customize button assignments, and access additional features to optimize your experience.

With Logitech Options, you can personalize your trackball to suit your individual preferences. The software provides a simple and intuitive interface that allows you to customize various settings, including cursor speed, scroll direction, and button assignments.

The software also enables you to create specific profiles for different applications or tasks. For example, you can set up a profile for Photoshop with customized button assignments that facilitate easy access to frequently used tools, while another profile can be created for web browsing with different button configurations.

In addition to customizing button assignments, Logitech Options allows you to assign gestures to certain buttons or trackball movements. This opens up a world of possibilities for multitasking and navigation, enabling you to execute commands or switch between applications with ease.

An added benefit of the Logitech Options software is the ability to update the firmware of the MX Ergo Plus. Firmware updates can improve performance, add new features, or address any potential issues, ensuring that you always have the optimal trackball experience.

Logitech Options is compatible with both Windows and macOS operating systems, offering a seamless experience across different platforms. The software is regularly updated by Logitech, ensuring compatibility with the latest operating system versions and providing continual improvements to the user experience.

Overall, Logitech Options software is a powerful tool that unlocks the full potential of the MX Ergo Plus trackball. With its intuitive interface, customization options, and firmware update capabilities, the software allows you to personalize your trackball experience to match your needs and preferences.

Compatibility with Multiple Devices

The Logitech MX Ergo Plus is designed to be compatible with a wide range of devices, making it a versatile option for users who work or play across multiple platforms. Whether you use a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or even a smartphone, this trackball can seamlessly connect and function across various devices.

When it comes to computer compatibility, the MX Ergo Plus supports both Windows and macOS operating systems. This means that regardless of whether you are a PC or Mac user, you can enjoy the benefits and features that the trackball offers.

In addition to traditional computers, the MX Ergo Plus is also compatible with Chrome OS devices. This ensures that Chromebook users can take advantage of the trackball’s ergonomic design and precise tracking capabilities for a comfortable and efficient computing experience.

Furthermore, the MX Ergo Plus can connect to devices beyond computers. With its Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pair the trackball with compatible tablets and smartphones. This enables you to have precise control and navigation on your mobile devices, enhancing productivity and convenience while on the go.

Whether you’re using your tablet for digital artistry, your smartphone for mobile browsing, or any other device that supports Bluetooth input, the MX Ergo Plus offers a seamless and versatile solution.

The compatibility with multiple devices makes the MX Ergo Plus an ideal choice for users who work in a flexible or multi-device environment. Whether you’re at your desk, on the move, or working across different platforms, this trackball ensures that you can easily adapt and maintain consistent productivity.

Overall, the MX Ergo Plus’s compatibility with a variety of devices allows you to have a consistent and reliable trackball experience across multiple platforms. Whether you’re using it with a computer, tablet, or smartphone, this trackball offers the same level of ergonomic design and precise tracking capabilities, enhancing your productivity regardless of the device you’re using.