How To Beat Guardians In Zelda: BOTW


Understanding Guardian Mechanics

Before diving into strategies and tips on how to defeat Guardians in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW), it’s crucial to understand their mechanics. Guardians are ancient machinery created by the Sheikah civilization to protect the land of Hyrule. They are formidable foes, equipped with powerful laser beams and devastating melee attacks.

Guardians have different variations, such as stationary Sentry Guardians and mobile Stalker Guardians. Each type has its unique set of behaviors and attack patterns. Sentry Guardians are typically stationary but have a wide firing range, while Stalker Guardians can move and chase after Link.

The key to defeating Guardians lies in recognizing their attack patterns. When a Guardian detects Link’s presence, it charges up its laser beam, which can deal significant damage. However, the Guardians have a distinct sound and visual cue before firing, allowing Link to anticipate and react accordingly.

Additionally, Guardians have weak spots that can be exploited. Their main weak point is the eye located on the main body. Hitting this eye with a well-aimed projectile or striking it in close combat will temporarily disable the Guardian, giving Link an opportunity to land more attacks.

Understanding the range and timing of the Guardians’ attacks, as well as their vulnerabilities, is key to devising an effective strategy to defeat them.

Equip the Right Gear and Weapons

When preparing to face the Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, it’s crucial to equip yourself with the right gear and weapons. This will not only enhance your combat abilities but also provide you with essential defense against the Guardians’ formidable attacks.

First and foremost, make sure to wear armor that offers high defense. The Ancient Armor set, specifically designed to resist Guardian attacks, is highly recommended. It provides excellent protection and reduces the damage taken from Guardian lasers and melee strikes.

In addition to armor, having a strong shield is essential. The Ancient Shield, obtained by trading Ancient materials with a certain NPC, is a formidable defense against Guardian beams. It can deflect the laser attacks and even reflect them back at the Guardians, causing significant damage.

When it comes to weapons, opt for ones that possess high damage output. Ancient weapons, including the Ancient Battle Axe and Ancient Bladesaw, deal increased damage to Guardians due to their innate proficiency against ancient enemies. The Master Sword, after completing its questline, is also highly effective against Guardians.

Utilizing elemental damage can also be advantageous. The Ancient Arrows, infused with ancient technology, have the ability to instantly destroy Guardians with a single hit, regardless of their health. However, they are scarce and should be used sparingly.

Lastly, consider using the upgraded Sheikah Slate abilities. The upgraded Stasis Rune can temporarily stop Guardians in their tracks, giving you ample time to strike their weak points. The upgraded Bomb Rune can also be used to distract or damage Guardians, creating opportunities for attacks.

Equipping the right gear and weapons not only boosts your chances of success but also ensures you can withstand the onslaught of the powerful Guardians in BOTW.

Mastering the Parry Technique

One of the most effective ways to take down Guardians in Zelda: BOTW is by mastering the parry technique. Timing and precision are key, but once you’ve mastered this technique, it can become a powerful tool in your battle strategy.

The parry technique involves deflecting a Guardian’s laser beam back at it using your shield. To perform a successful parry, you need to raise your shield at the precise moment the Guardian’s laser beam is about to hit you. The timing can be tricky, but with practice, you’ll develop a sense of when to initiate the parry.

When the parry is executed correctly, the Guardian’s beam will be deflected back at it, causing the Guardian to stagger and exposing its weak point. This is the perfect opportunity to unleash a flurry of attacks and deal significant damage.

Keep in mind that the parry technique requires a sturdy shield. The Ancient Shield is especially effective in this regard, as it has a high durability and can withstand multiple parries. In the event that your shield breaks, you can always purchase a new one from certain vendors or find them in treasure chests throughout the game.

Practice the parry technique on stationary Guardians first, as their laser beams are more predictable. Once you’ve gained confidence, you can attempt to parry the mobile Stalker Guardians, which require even more precise timing.

Mastering the parry technique not only allows you to deflect Guardians’ attacks but also conserves your resources, as you won’t have to rely heavily on offensive items or arrows. It’s a skill worth investing time and effort into, as it can greatly increase your chances of defeating Guardians and progressing in the game.

Using Ancient Arrows

Ancient Arrows serve as powerful tools in your arsenal when battling Guardians in Zelda: BOTW. These rare and elusive arrows are capable of instantly obliterating Guardians with a single hit, regardless of their health or size.

Obtaining Ancient Arrows can be a challenge. They can be purchased from select vendors throughout Hyrule, such as the Akkala Ancient Tech Lab, or found in various treasure chests in shrines and dungeons. It’s important to use them strategically, as they are a valuable resource and should be reserved for formidable encounters.

The sheer destructive capability of Ancient Arrows makes them ideal for overwhelming Guardians, especially when dealing with multiple Guardians at once or when facing off against high-tier variants. With a well-aimed shot, the Ancient Arrow will pierce through the Guardian’s defenses and obliterate it in an instant.

It’s important to note that while Ancient Arrows are formidable, they have limited availability. Therefore, use them sparingly and only in situations where it will make a significant impact on your progress. Prioritize targeting Guardians that pose a genuine threat or those guarding crucial areas or treasures.

Additionally, it’s worth considering alternative methods of defeating Guardians, such as utilizing the parry technique or exploiting their weak spots. This will help conserve your Ancient Arrows for more critical encounters.

Remember, Ancient Arrows are a powerful asset in your fight against the Guardians, but they should be used judiciously. Reserve them for pivotal moments, and combine their usage with other effective strategies to increase your chances of success in BOTW.

Utilizing the Stasis Rune

The Stasis Rune in Zelda: BOTW can be a valuable tool when facing Guardians. This rune allows you to temporarily freeze objects and enemies in time, giving you a strategic advantage in battles against these formidable foes.

When facing a Guardian, activate the Stasis Rune and aim it at the Guardian. Once activated, the Guardian will be frozen in place, allowing you to plan your next move. Take this opportunity to aim at the Guardian’s weak points, such as its eye, and prepare a powerful attack.

Keep in mind that Stasis has a limited duration, so use the frozen moment to your advantage. Position yourself for a critical hit, a well-timed arrow shot, or prepare to unleash a charged attack. The goal is to deal as much damage as possible during the frozen period.

It’s important to note that while the Stasis Rune is effective against Guardians, it may have limited success against higher-level or larger Guardians. In these cases, the duration of the freeze effect may be shorter, requiring quick thinking and precise execution.

Additionally, the Stasis Rune can be used strategically to temporarily disable the Guardians’ laser beams. By freezing the Guardian just as it is about to fire, you can prevent the laser attack from reaching you or buying yourself time to reposition or heal.

Remember to use the Stasis Rune smartly and consider combining it with other strategies like parrying or using Ancient Arrows for maximum impact. Each encounter with Guardians may require different tactics, so adapt your approach accordingly.

The Stasis Rune is a powerful tool in your battle against Guardians, offering you a brief respite in the fast-paced combat of BOTW. By utilizing this rune effectively, you can gain the upper hand and increase your chances of defeating these ancient machines.

Attacking from High Ground

When facing Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, one effective strategy is to gain the advantage of attacking from high ground. This tactic allows you to not only have a better vantage point but also provides opportunities for surprise attacks and increased damage output.

As you approach a Guardian, look for elevated areas such as cliffs, towers, or platforms. Climbing to higher ground allows you to assess the situation and plan your approach. From above, you can observe the Guardian’s movements and weak points, giving you a tactical advantage.

Once you’ve identified a suitable spot, prepare your attack. Use the paraglider to glide down silently and precisely onto the Guardian, initiating a surprise strike. This can catch the Guardian off guard and provide a window of opportunity to deal significant damage before it can react.

Firing arrows from a higher position can also be advantageous. Aim carefully at the Guardian’s weak point or exposed areas, such as the eye. A well-placed shot from above can deal considerable damage and potentially disable the Guardian temporarily.

Keep in mind that while attacking from high ground can be an effective strategy, it’s important to remain vigilant and agile. The Guardians may try to counterattack or target you with their laser beams, so be prepared to dodge or take cover if needed.

If there isn’t any nearby high ground available, you can create your own advantage by using the environment to your benefit. For example, you can climb on top of ruin structures, trees, or rocks to gain a slight elevation that still provides a better angle for attacking.

Attacking Guardians from high ground offers a tactical advantage that can give you the upper hand in battle. By carefully planning your approach and utilizing surprise attacks and precise shots, you can significantly increase your chances of defeating these formidable enemies in BOTW.

Taking Advantage of Guardians’ Weak Spots

Understanding and exploiting the weak spots of Guardians in Zelda: BOTW is crucial for effectively defeating them. By targeting these vulnerable areas, you can deal significant damage and disable the Guardians, increasing your chances of victory.

The primary weak spot of Guardians is the eye located on their main body. Hitting this eye with a well-aimed projectile, such as an arrow, or landing a successful strike in close combat will immediately stun the Guardian. This provides an opportunity to unleash a flurry of attacks and deal massive damage.

When attacking Guardians from a distance, prioritize precision and aim for their eyes. While they may be small targets, hitting the eye with an arrow or using a well-aimed weapon can have a tremendous impact. Ancient Arrows, in particular, can instantly disintegrate Guardians, regardless of how much health they possess.

Close-quarters combat, on the other hand, requires precise timing. Watch for openings when the Guardian’s eye is exposed or when it pauses after an attack. At that moment, quickly strike the eye with a melee weapon, unleashing a powerful blow that will put the Guardian in a vulnerable state.

It’s important to note that different Guardian variations may have additional weak spots. Some Guardians have vulnerable appendages that can be targeted and damaged, such as legs or arms. By striking these weak spots, you can cripple the Guardian’s mobility and temporarily disable certain attacks.

Also, experimentation plays a role in discovering additional weak points. Using different weapons or methods of attack, such as bomb arrows or elemental damage, may reveal alternative vulnerabilities and strategies to defeat Guardians more efficiently.

Remember that timing and precision are key when exploiting Guardians’ weak spots. Observing their attack patterns and vulnerabilities will allow you to strategically plan your assaults, increasing your chances of success in every encounter.

Using Slo-Mo to Your Advantage

Mastering the art of slow-motion can give you a significant advantage when battling Guardians in Zelda: BOTW. This technique allows you to enhance your aiming precision, react quickly, and deliver devastating blows to these formidable enemies.

To activate the slow-motion effect, you need to perform a well-timed jump while aiming your bow or other ranged weapons. While in mid-air, activate your bow and release an arrow. This will trigger the slow-motion effect, giving you more time to aim and hit your target accurately.

Using slo-mo in combination with a high-damage bow, such as the Lynel or Ancient Bow, can be incredibly effective against Guardians. Take advantage of the increased time to line up your shots and target the Guardians’ weak points, such as their eyes or vulnerable appendages.

Additionally, slo-mo can be employed during close-quarter combat. By performing a jump attack with your melee weapon, you can activate slow-motion and deliver precise strikes to the Guardians’ weak spots. This technique requires good timing and allows you to land critical hits.

It’s essential to note that the duration of the slow-motion effect is limited, so make sure to capitalize on the time you have. Use this advantage to fire multiple arrows, unleash a series of melee strikes, or even dodge incoming attacks with greater ease.

Another benefit of the slo-mo technique is that it can give you a moment to assess the battlefield and strategize your next move. While time is slowed down, you can observe the Guardians’ movements and plan your offense or defense accordingly.

Practicing and mastering the slo-mo technique can significantly improve your combat skills when facing Guardians in BOTW. By utilizing this technique effectively, you gain the ability to land precise shots, dodge attacks, and gain an overall advantage against these powerful adversaries.

Making Use of Defensive Techniques

When battling Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, employing defensive techniques is just as crucial as having offensive strategies. By implementing defensive tactics, you can minimize damage taken, evade devastating attacks, and sustain yourself through prolonged encounters.

One defensive technique to utilize is dodging. Mastering the art of timed dodges allows you to evade incoming attacks with precision. When a Guardian is about to strike, wait for the right moment and perform a well-timed dodge to avoid the attack. This not only saves you from taking damage but also creates openings for counterattacks.

Another useful defensive technique is shield blocking. Equipping a sturdy shield, such as the Ancient Shield or a reinforced Hylian Shield, allows you to block and mitigate the damage caused by Guardian lasers and melee strikes. Properly timing your shield blocks can also stagger the Guardian, creating opportunities for counterattacks.

Using the shield parry technique mentioned earlier is also an effective defensive maneuver. By raising your shield at the precise moment the Guardian’s laser beam is about to hit you, you can reflect the beam back at the Guardian, damaging it and potentially stunning it.

Furthermore, utilizing the “Flurry Rush” ability can be a valuable defensive tactic. When successfully performing a perfect dodge, time appears to slow down, and you can unleash a series of rapid strikes on the Guardian. This technique not only avoids damage but also deals significant damage to the Guardian in return.

Lastly, upgrading your armor can greatly enhance your defensive capabilities. By visiting the Great Fairy Fountains and spending your collected materials, you can improve your armor’s defense rating. This provides an additional layer of protection against Guardian attacks and increases your chances of survival.

By incorporating defensive techniques into your battle strategy, you can effectively reduce damage taken, prolong your endurance, and create opportunities for counterattacks against the formidable Guardians in BOTW.

Preparing and Consuming the Right Meals and Elixirs

When facing off against Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, it is essential to prepare and consume the right meals and elixirs to bolster your abilities and increase your chances of success in battle.

First and foremost, prioritize meals that increase your defense and provide additional health. Foods that grant defense boosts, such as dishes made with Ironshrooms or Armoranth, can reduce the damage taken from Guardians’ attacks. Combining ingredients that provide health recovery, such as hearty ingredients, can also give you an extra margin of safety during intense encounters.

Additionally, meals that boost your attack power can significantly enhance your offensive capabilities. Ingredients like mighty bananas and razorshrooms can be used to create dishes that grant temporary attack power boosts. These boosts allow you to deal more damage to Guardians, increasing your chances of defeating them quickly.

Elixirs can also play a vital role in preparing for battles with Guardians. Elixirs made with ingredients like ancient materials, such as ancient cores or ancient screws, can provide defensive buffs against Guardian attacks. These elixirs can give you added protection, reducing the damage taken or increasing your resistance to specific elements.

Consider experimenting with different ingredient combinations to discover unique effects and benefits. For example, stamina-replenishing dishes or elixirs can be helpful for maintaining mobility during prolonged encounters with fast-moving Guardians.

It’s worth noting that while meals and elixirs can provide valuable enhancements, their effects are temporary. It is essential to monitor their duration and replenish them as needed to maintain a continuous advantage during battles with Guardians.

Don’t overlook the importance of cooking and brewing. By investing time and resources into preparing the right meals and elixirs, you can significantly improve your combat capabilities and increase your survivability against the formidable Guardians of BOTW.

Utilizing Stealth Approach and Assassination

When faced with challenging encounters against Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, utilizing stealth approach and assassination tactics can provide a strategic advantage. By remaining unseen and striking from the shadows, you can eliminate Guardians swiftly and efficiently.

First, ensure that you are dressed appropriately for stealth. Equip armor such as the Sheikah Stealth set or the Dark Set, which enhances your stealth abilities and reduces the chances of being detected by Guardians. These sets effectively muffle your footsteps and make it harder for the Guardians to detect your presence.

When approaching a Guardian, take advantage of cover and the environment to remain hidden. Tall grass, rocks, or structures can provide excellent cover, allowing you to move closer undetected.

Utilize the crouch mode to minimize noise and reduce the likelihood of being discovered. Move cautiously and observe the Guardians’ patterns to find the opportune moment to strike.

When close to a Guardian, perform a sneak attack known as a “Flurry Rush.” This attack is triggered by dodging an enemy’s attack at the last moment. It slows down time, providing you with an opportunity to unleash a series of rapid strikes on the Guardian.

You can also employ long-range stealth methods. Use a powerful bow and silent arrows to take out Guardians from a distance. Aim for their weak points, such as the eye, to deal substantial damage without alerting nearby Guardians to your presence.

Should you find yourself detected, don’t panic. Use your speed and agility to evade the Guardians’ attacks and quickly reposition yourself. Take cover again and attempt to resume the stealth approach.

Remember, stealth approaches require patience and precision. Observing and understanding the Guardians’ movements and attack patterns is crucial for successful assassinations. By using these tactics, you can eliminate Guardians swiftly, minimize the risk of prolonged battles, and maintain the element of surprise throughout your encounters in BOTW.

Understanding Different Guardian Types

When facing Guardians in Zelda: BOTW, it’s important to understand the different types of Guardians you may encounter. Each Guardian variant has unique characteristics and attack patterns, requiring different strategies to overcome their challenges effectively.

First, there are the stationary Sentry Guardians. These Guardians remain in a fixed position, typically found near the outskirts of Hyrule or guarding important areas. Sentry Guardians have a wide firing range, capable of launching powerful laser beams at a distance. Approach them cautiously, utilizing cover and long-range attacks to chip away at their health.

Next, there are the mobile Stalker Guardians. These Guardians are capable of pursuit and can actively chase after Link. They possess shifting legs that allow them to traverse different terrains quickly. When dealing with Stalker Guardians, agility and evasion are key. Utilize the environment, such as trees or obstacles, to break line of sight and create opportunities for attack from a distance.

Additionally, there are the colossal and imposing Guardian Skywatchers. These airborne Guardians patrol the skies and rain down devastating laser beams from above. They are particularly challenging due to their mobility and the difficulty in reaching them. Ancient Arrows are highly effective in taking down Guardian Skywatchers, instantly eliminating them from the skies and removing their threat.

Lastly, there are the fearsome Guardian Scouts found within the shrines. These smaller-scale Guardians act as test subjects within the shrines and possess similar attack patterns to their larger counterparts. However, they are relatively weaker, making them a good opportunity to practice your combat skills and perfect your strategies.

Understanding the behavior and attack patterns of the different Guardian types is essential for formulating effective strategies. Adapt your approach based on their strengths and weaknesses, utilizing the techniques discussed earlier, such as parrying, utilizing slo-mo, or targeting weak spots, to overcome their formidable challenges.

By familiarizing yourself with the various Guardian types, you can better prepare yourself for the encounters ahead and increase your chances of emerging victorious against these ancient machines in BOTW.