Best Digital Tools for Remote Work

Remote work or work from home has become commonplace since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though it’s officially over, the habits aren’t going anywhere. Many companies still use various utilities that allow you to work remotely. These are the ones we’re going to talk about today. We will discuss messengers, voice chat programs, and even unusual but very useful utilities that simply make work a lot easier. And, of course, we can’t forget about this very PDF Redactor. You can access it by simply clicking on this link.

Collaborative tools


TeamViewer is the most popular program for controlling another device. Its advantage is that it supports most operating systems, including mobile ones. Its interface is very simple. No complicated manipulations are required to connect to another computer: it is enough to know the ID and password generated by the program on the remote computer.

These data should be entered into a special field, and then you can connect to your partner.

The program is ideal for situations when one of the people needs to explain some action on the PC. It can really save a lot of time.

Available at:

Tools to stay connected


Work chat is an important thing when working remotely. When you are sitting in the office, you can solve work problems in a personal conversation, but when you are working remotely, you have to conduct a lot of correspondence in company chats. Therefore, it is very important that the messenger has a convenient interface and is preferably free. Telegram is perfect for these purposes.

By the way, the messenger is constantly improving: recently, the developers added the possibility of conducting video conferences, so Telegram may well become a replacement for many services for collective calls.

Available at the link:

Google Meet

Google Meet provides easy, high-quality communication for both video and audio calls. The app is available for Android smartphones and iPhones. All calls are made over mobile Internet or Wi-Fi, so you don’t spend a bundle of calling minutes — just the traffic.

And Google Meet is also available as a desktop version, which you can find at this link:

Simply useful tools

Last Pass

Your team may be using dozens of different services. Ideally, you need a strong, unique password for each one. Fortunately, there are tools that make it easy to create and store ciphers.

One of the most popular is LastPass. It generates complex passwords, stores them in a secure cloud vault, and automatically enters them when you log in to your accounts. Best of all, no one can hijack your passwords — it is just impossible to do so here.

You can download LastPass as a browser add-on or as a standalone application at

Tools for PDF editing

If you need an online document editor, your best bet is PDF Guru. It lets you work with any file and easily convert it to other formats with just a few clicks. If necessary, you can also edit them, for example, by adding text or different shapes.

And the local editor also allows you to add a password, which, in combination with the cipher generator of the aforementioned LastPass, looks really strong.

Let’s not stray from our link tradition. Here you go:

Why use a PDF at all?

PDF really has a lot of advantages. For example, reproducibility — PDF provides an accurate reproduction of the document, especially when printing. Various elements of the document, such as fonts, colors, images, and graphics, will look the same in print as they do on the screen.

It is also worth mentioning that it is the most versatile document format available. The content it contains is displayed regardless of the platform or operating system from which it is opened.