Zendaya Can’t Stop Gushing About Boyfriend Tom Holland’s Natural ‘Rizz’


Zendaya, the talented actress, recently shared her admiration for her boyfriend, Tom Holland, during the Buzzfeed Puppy Interview. The conversation revolved around the ‘Dune 2’ cast’s “rizz,” which stands for charisma, and Zendaya couldn’t help but redirect the discussion to her beau, Tom Holland.

Key Takeaway

Zendaya openly expresses her admiration for boyfriend Tom Holland's natural charisma and conversational skills, dispelling breakup rumors and reaffirming the strength of their relationship.

Zendaya’s Admiration for Tom’s Charisma

During the interview, Zendaya expressed her fondness for Tom’s natural charisma, highlighting his exceptional conversational skills. She mentioned that while she tends to be shy, Tom effortlessly engages in conversations and connects with people, which captivated her attention.

Zendaya also revealed that Tom's ability to flirt and engage with her played a significant role in winning her over, emphasizing the genuine and charming nature of their relationship.

Dispelling Breakup Rumors

Zendaya's public display of affection towards Tom comes amidst ongoing breakup rumors that surfaced when she unfollowed everyone, including Tom, on social media. However, the couple has since been spotted together, dispelling the speculations. Additionally, Tom himself addressed the rumors, confirming that they are still together, putting an end to any doubts about the status of their relationship.