Victoria Beckham’s Hilarious Reaction To Grandmother Question


Victoria Beckham, the former “Spice Girls” pop star, had quite the reaction when asked about the possibility of becoming a grandmother during a recent Vogue interview.

Key Takeaway

Victoria Beckham had a hilarious and animated response when asked about the prospect of becoming a grandmother during a recent Vogue interview.

Surprise Question

The interview, conducted by ‘The Run Through’ co-host Chloe Malle, took an unexpected turn when Malle brought up Victoria’s son, Brooklyn, and his recent marriage to Nicola Peltz. After discussing relationship advice for the young couple, Malle dropped the bombshell question, “Are you excited to be a grandmother?”

Victoria’s Reaction

Victoria was visibly shocked by the suggestion and responded with animated surprise, exclaiming, “Oh. Jesus. What? Woo. Hang on.” She even used her hand to fan her face before humorously insisting that it’s not happening just yet, unless there’s some insider information.

Victoria’s Response

After regaining her composure, Victoria expressed that if she is blessed with becoming a grandmother, it would be wonderful. However, she humorously reiterated that they are not there yet, despite Brooklyn’s public desire to start a family with Nicola.

It seems like Victoria Beckham’s reaction to the grandmother question definitely caught her off guard, but she handled it with humor and grace.