Utah Jazz Ceases Sale Of Michael Jordan ‘Jumpman’ Shirt After Fan Outrage


The Utah Jazz, a professional basketball team based in Utah, has made the decision to discontinue the sale of a shirt prominently featuring NBA legend Michael Jordan’s iconic “Jumpman” logo. This move comes after receiving significant backlash from fans who found the imagery distressing and reminiscent of painful memories.

Key Takeaway

The Utah Jazz has discontinued the sale of a shirt featuring Michael Jordan’s “Jumpman” logo following backlash from fans who found the imagery distressing. The team acted swiftly in response to the grievances, removing the item from sale. This incident underscores the importance of considering and valuing the emotions of the fanbase.

Frustration Over Jordan’s Dominance

The shirt design showcased Jordan’s well-known silhouette soaring over the Jazz lettering, a depiction that Utah supporters strongly disapproved of due to the history between Jordan and their team. During his tenure with the Chicago Bulls in the 1990s, Jordan consistently defeated the Jazz, even defeating them in two NBA Finals matchups.

Upon noticing the grey shirt available for purchase in the team’s store, fans expressed their discontent relentlessly. Salt Lake Tribune reporter Andy Larsen reported that due to the considerable backlash, the Jazz swiftly removed the item from sale.

Partnership with Jordan Brand

The creation of this shirt can be attributed to the NBA’s partnership with Jordan Brand, which unfolded several years ago. In an effort to align with the collaboration, teams throughout the league, not just the Jazz, began releasing merchandise featuring a generic design adorned with the renowned “Jumpman” logo.

However, it appears that Jazz enthusiasts prefer investing their money in alternative merchandise items. This recent incident serves as a valuable lesson for the team, highlighting the significance of understanding and respecting the sentiments of their loyal fanbase.