Two Horses Cause Highway Havoc In Cleveland


Cleveland Police found themselves in a rather unusual situation over the weekend when they had to deal with a highway chase involving two unexpected suspects – two rogue stallions! A video captured by the Ohio Department of Transportation went viral, showing the horses galloping freely against traffic on Interstate 90, causing a momentary standstill as drivers watched in amazement.

Key Takeaway

Two horses caused a stir in Cleveland as they escaped from police stables and galloped freely on a busy highway, prompting a swift and commendable response from the Cleveland Police Department.

Police Intervention

Officers from the Cleveland PD were quick to respond, working to guide the horses away from oncoming cars and off the interstate to a safer location. Despite the chaos, the police managed to bring the situation under control without any harm to the animals or the public.

Unusual Escape

It was later revealed that the horses had actually escaped from the police stables, where they were being housed. The exact circumstances of their escape remain unclear, but it was confirmed that the horses were under the care of the police at the time of their breakout.

Commendable Response

Thankfully, no injuries were reported, and the police were praised for their calm and composed handling of the unexpected event. While it might have been a startling sight for many, the authorities’ ability to safely manage the situation was commendable.