Tragic Death Of Aaron Carter: Son Princeton Files Wrongful Death Lawsuit Against Doctors And Pharmacies


Aaron Carter’s tragic death from a drowning accident has taken a new turn as his son, Princeton Lyric Carter, has filed a lawsuit against doctors and pharmacies for wrongful death. The lawsuit alleges that the doctors and pharmacies played a role in Aaron’s demise by improperly prescribing and dispensing medications that affected Aaron’s judgment and mental health.

Key Takeaway

Aaron Carter’s son, Princeton Lyric Carter, is suing doctors and pharmacies for wrongful death, claiming they improperly prescribed medications and contributed to his father’s tragic demise. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, aiming to hold these parties accountable for their alleged negligence.

The Allegations

In the lawsuit, Princeton, who is nearly 2 years old, claims that doctors prescribed Hydrocodone, Oxycodone, and Alprazolam to Aaron without any legitimate medical justification. These medications, combined with Aaron’s known mental health and psychiatric condition, allegedly had a detrimental impact on his wellbeing.

Princeton’s legal action specifically names Walgreens, among others, as a defendant. The lawsuit contends that the pharmacy should have recognized the dangerous combination of medications being prescribed to Aaron, along with his documented psychiatric issues.

The Tragic Incident

Aaron Carter’s untimely passing occurred on November 5, 2022, when he was discovered dead in his bathtub by his housekeeper. The official cause of death, as determined by authorities, was a result of Xanax and huffing, ultimately leading to drowning. This revelation has prompted questions surrounding the extent of medical supervision and care Aaron received leading up to his demise.

Seeking Justice

Melanie Martin, Princeton’s mother, has taken legal action by filing the lawsuit on behalf of their son. The goal is to hold the doctors and pharmacies accountable for their alleged negligence and wrongful actions that Princeton believes contributed to his father’s tragic death. The lawsuit seeks unspecified damages, emphasizing the need for justice to be served.