Too Short Premieres New Movie ‘Freaky Tales’ At Sundance Film Festival


Too Short has ventured into the world of filmmaking with his latest project, “Freaky Tales,” which made its debut at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The movie, described as an “anthology horror-movie-thriller-comedy,” is set in 1987 Oakland and intricately weaves together four interconnected stories, all while prominently featuring Too Short’s music.

Key Takeaway

Too Short’s foray into filmmaking with “Freaky Tales” has not only highlighted his artistic versatility but also brought forth a compelling blend of horror, humor, and nostalgia, set against the backdrop of his beloved Oakland.

Embracing Oakland Roots

For Too Short, “Freaky Tales” serves as a heartfelt tribute to his hometown of Oakland, reflecting his own experiences growing up in the city during the 1980s. His deep emotional connection to the project is evident, as he not only serves as an executive producer but also lends his voice as the narrator.

A-List Cast and Directors

The movie boasts an impressive lineup, with A-list talents such as Tom Hanks, Pedro Pascal, Normani, and the late Angus Cloud all contributing to the film. Directed by the renowned duo of Ryan Fleck and Anna Boden, known for their work on “Capt. Marvel,” the movie has garnered attention for its star-studded ensemble and accomplished directors.

Sundance Adventures

Following the premiere of “Freaky Tales” at Sundance, Too Short took the opportunity to embrace the snowy landscapes of Park City, UT. Despite being a first-time skier, the adventurous artist eagerly hit the slopes, showcasing his agility and fearlessness. However, his skiing escapade took an unexpected turn when he found himself on a challenging mountain, requiring the assistance of a ski instructor to navigate the terrain.