Tony Stewart Takes The Wheel As Leah Pruett Steps Away To Start A Family


In a heartwarming and unexpected turn of events, drag racing champion Leah Pruett has announced that she will be temporarily stepping away from the track to start a family with her husband, Tony Stewart. As the couple prepares for this new chapter in their lives, Stewart, a seasoned racing legend himself, will proudly take over the driving duties in the Top Fuel dragster, expressing his gratitude and honor to support his wife during this time.

Key Takeaway

Leah Pruett, a 12-time NHRA National Event Champ, will temporarily step away from her drag racing career to start a family with her husband, Tony Stewart. Stewart, a legendary racecar driver himself, will proudly fill her shoes and drive the Top Fuel dragster during her absence. The couple’s decision showcases their unwavering support for each other and their shared goal of starting a family.

An Exciting Announcement

Leah Pruett, a remarkable 12-time NHRA National Event Champ, made the surprising announcement on Thursday, revealing that she will be absent from the 2024 season in order to fulfill her dreams of becoming a mother. In her absence, Tony Stewart, the owner of the Tony Stewart Racing team, will step in to represent the team on the track.

Pruett expressed her excitement about her husband’s debut in the NHRA Top Fuel category, emphasizing the caliber of the team and their shared values. She commended Tony for his willingness to step up and take on the responsibility, allowing her to focus on starting their family.

An Honorable Role Swap

Tony Stewart, an accomplished three-time NASCAR and IndyCar champion, expressed his gratitude and admiration for Leah’s decision. He commended her bravery and toughness in temporarily surrendering her dream job to prioritize their shared goal of starting a family.

“This was a tough decision for her, and honestly, I’m truly honored to be able to step in while she’s building a family for us,” Stewart shared. “She’s a true badass for making this choice and finishing the season with the knowledge that this is the path we’re taking together.”

Stepping into New Territory

While Tony Stewart is no stranger to racing, driving a Top Fuel dragster is a new challenge for him. Previously, he had raced in the Top Alcohol dragster category. With support from his wife and his dedicated team, Stewart feels confident in his ability to adapt and thrive in his new role.

“I can’t really say if I’m ready or not, but sometimes, you just have to dive in and do it,” Stewart remarked. “I have the best coach anyone could ask for in my wife.”

Looking Ahead

Although Tony Stewart will be taking the wheel in Pruett’s absence, she is quick to reassure fans that this is only a temporary change. Leah plans to return to the racing world in 2025, bringing her unparalleled skill and determination back to the track.