Tommy Lee Shocked To Be Healthy After Former Drinking Habits


Tommy Lee, the infamous drummer of Mötley Crüe, recently shared a shocking revelation about his past drinking habits. In a conversation with Bill Maher on his ‘Club Random’ podcast, Tommy confessed to consuming an astonishing amount of alcohol in his younger days – two gallons of hard liquor every day, to be exact.

Key Takeaway

Tommy Lee, former Mötley Crüe drummer, admits to drinking an incredible two gallons of vodka daily in his heyday.

Bill Maher, like many others, was taken aback by this staggering confession. To put it into perspective, Maher explained that two gallons is equivalent to four quarts, a volume that is difficult to fathom for most people. Tommy affirmed Maher’s calculations, leaving the host astounded.

In hindsight, Tommy Lee recognizes the dangerous path he was on during those times, describing it as a “death mission.” He acknowledges the toll his heavy drinking took on his liver, saying that it was barely functioning and in desperate need of support.

Perhaps even more unbelievable is the state of Tommy’s health today. Despite his past alcohol abuse, he reveals that he has been thoroughly examined by doctors who have given him a clean bill of health. Tommy’s organs are holding up remarkably well, and his body, as a whole, is in good shape.

What makes this revelation even more astonishing is the fact that Tommy Lee’s struggle with alcohol continued until as recently as 2019 when he finally achieved sobriety. Given the extent of his past habits, it is truly remarkable that he has managed to turn his life around and come out on the other side in such good health.

The story of Tommy Lee’s excessive vodka consumption serves as a reminder of the potential dangers of alcohol abuse and the remarkable resilience of the human body. It is a testament to the importance of seeking help and making positive changes for a healthier future.