Tom Brady Shuts Down Speculation Of Signing With The Jets


This outright rejection leaves no room for doubt. Brady’s allegiance lies elsewhere, and he expressed his gratitude for his current podcast gig and the camaraderie he shares with Gray.

Key Takeaway

Despite the New York Jets’ need for an experienced quarterback, Tom Brady has categorically dismissed any possibility of joining the team. The Jets are placing their faith in their young quarterback, Zach Wilson, and have not pursued Brady as an option.

The rampant speculation of Brady donning a Jets jersey emerged immediately after Rodgers’ injury during Monday Night Football against the Buffalo Bills. The Jets fan base, yearning for a seasoned veteran to fill the void left by Rodgers, had pinned their hopes on the iconic seven-time Super Bowl champion as the ideal replacement.

Nevertheless, the Jets organization made it clear that they were committed to their 2021 first-round pick, Zach Wilson, as their starting quarterback. While the team acknowledged the need for a potential veteran backup, Brady’s name was not in the equation.

It remains uncertain if the Jets’ stance will change following Wilson’s struggles in their recent game against the Dallas Cowboys. However, for those anticipating a dramatic entrance by Brady to salvage the Jets’ season, it seems unlikely.