Tinashe Responds To Chris Brown’s Mean Tweets And Considers Reconciliation


Pop singer Tinashe recently addressed the criticism she received from former collaborator Chris Brown after a recent interview. Despite the backlash, Tinashe remains unfazed and is open to resolving any misunderstandings with Brown.

Key Takeaway

Tinashe downplays the criticism from Chris Brown and expresses her openness to reconciling. She remains focused on her career and looks forward to thrilling her fans with new dance routines and material in her upcoming shows.

Not Letting the Drama Get to Her

During an interview in Hollywood, Tinashe appeared calm and composed when questioned about Chris Brown’s scathing comments about her. She downplayed the incident, dismissing it as water under the bridge. Tinashe seems to have moved on and is focusing on her career rather than dwelling on negativity.

The Story Behind the Drama

In the interview that sparked the controversy, Tinashe mentioned that she didn’t have many positive memories working with Chris Brown or R. Kelly. She clarified that her main issue with Brown was the choice of the track they recorded together. However, she believes that Brown may have overreacted without fully understanding the context of her statements.

Chris Brown responded by challenging the public to name five of Tinashe’s songs, implying that her music is forgettable. However, Tinashe doesn’t seem bothered by his comment and suggests that he may have fallen victim to sensationalized social media headlines.

Open to Reconciliation

Despite the public feud, Tinashe remains open to having a conversation with Chris Brown to clear the air. She acknowledges that there may have been a misunderstanding and is willing to reconcile. However, she also mentions that resolving the issue is not a top priority for her at the moment.

Excitement for Upcoming Shows

On a more positive note, Tinashe is enthusiastic about her upcoming shows. She promises to deliver new dance routines and entertain her fans with fresh material. In fact, her collaboration with Chris Brown, the song “Player,” is not even part of her current setlist. Tinashe is focused on showcasing her latest EP and giving her audience an unforgettable experience.