Timbaland Faces Backlash From Britney Spears Fans Over ‘Muzzle’ Remarks


Renowned producer Timbaland finds himself in hot water after making controversial comments about Britney Spears during a recent interview. Fans of the iconic pop star are now demanding an apology from Timbaland, accusing him of harboring a long-standing vendetta against Britney.

Key Takeaway

Fans of Britney Spears are demanding an apology from Timbaland after his insensitive comments about her memoir. The incident has reignited speculation about longstanding tensions between the pop star and the renowned producer.

Fans React to Timbaland’s Remarks

The backlash began when Timbaland made a sly remark about Britney’s best-selling memoir, “The Woman In Me,” during a live interview with 9th Wonder at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts. In the memoir, Britney alleges that Justin Timberlake, her former partner, got her pregnant in 2000, leading to an abortion.

Instead of addressing the sensitive topic with empathy, Timbaland responded by suggesting that Britney should have “put a muzzle on that girl.” This comment did not sit well with fans, who believe it was disrespectful and inappropriate.

Furthermore, fans are interpreting Timbaland’s remark as evidence of a longstanding animosity towards Britney. In 2007, Timbaland publicly criticized Britney after she allegedly disrespected him and Justin Timberlake. He insisted that an apology from Britney would be necessary for any potential future collaboration.

Call for Apology and Lingering Tensions

Britney’s army of loyal fans quickly took to social media platforms to express their disappointment and demand an apology from Timbaland. They argue that his cavalier attitude towards Britney’s personal experiences is unacceptable and reflects a lack of empathy.

It is evident that the tensions between Timbaland and Britney have not entirely dissipated over the years. Despite Britney’s decision to work with Timbaland’s former protégé, Danja, on her “Blackout” album, fans speculate that underlying animosity still exists.