Tiger Woods Mourns The Loss Of Golf Icon Ivor Robson, The Voice Of The Open


The golf world is grieving the loss of a true legend, Ivor Robson, affectionately known as the “Voice of The Open.” This includes Tiger Woods, who expressed his gratitude to the icon for making each Open Championship “so memorable.” The Open released a statement on Tuesday, announcing the passing of 83-year-old Robson.

Key Takeaway

Ivor Robson, also known as the “Voice of The Open,” has passed away at the age of 83. His unique and iconic role as the tournament announcer left an indelible mark on the world of golf. Tiger Woods and many other golfers paid tribute to his immense contribution, expressing their gratitude for the unforgettable moments Robson created at the Open Championships.

Tiger Woods Pays Tribute

Tiger Woods, a renowned figure in the world of golf, paid tribute to Ivor Robson as soon as the sad news spread. He shared his heartfelt appreciation by saying, “Thank you, Ivor, for making each one of my Open starts so memorable.” Woods’ words reflect the impact Robson had on the tournament and the deep respect he commanded.

A Legend Remembered

Robson’s influence extended far beyond Tiger Woods. Fellow golfers also honored his legacy. Thomas Bjorn described Robson as “a real legend in our world who will be deeply missed,” while Paul McGinley praised him as “the most famous and popular first tee starter golfer has ever had.” McGinley further emphasized that Robson’s quintessential British voice would forever be etched in the history of the sport.

A Remarkable Career

Ivor Robson began his career as the announcer for The Open in 1975 and became one of the most revered voices in sports until his retirement in 2015, after 41 Championships. He was particularly known for his famous “On the tee” introduction, and his dedication to his role was unwavering, as he even refrained from taking bathroom breaks during the Championships.

A Tribute from the CEO of The R&A

Martin Slumbers, the CEO of The R&A (Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews), expressed sadness over Robson’s passing. He referred to Robson as someone who was loved and respected by all golfers who participated in The Open. Slumbers extended his heartfelt condolences to Ivor Robson’s wife of 61 years, Lesley, and the entire Robson family.

In his final announcement during the 2015 Open Championship, Ivor Robson expressed his gratitude for his remarkable career, stating, “It has been a wonderful career. It’s been a great honor. The way I have been treated by players, officials, sponsors… thank you all very much.” His legacy as the “Voice of The Open” will forever be cherished by the golfing community. Rest in peace, Ivor Robson.